Wednesday, February 22, 2012

while I was at work...

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I work at the local grocery store- and one of my duties is to face the shelves. I like to work on the candy shelves on Saturdays because they are closest to my register. This past Saturday, I was not very busy and was facing the gum shelf. There were only two packs of Orbit gum left in the box so I took them out of the box and proceeded to break the box down to throw it away. Orbit gum has really cool packaging lately and the box that they come in is cool as well. I saw a garland made out of up-cycled boxes here and uh- oh the wheels started turning. I started looking at the other gum boxes and noticed all the colors were very springy. Hmm, what can I use these for?  
So I found a circle  (my coffee cup) and started tracing circles. Some of the boxes had very short sides so I had to search for more circles to trace.
My co- worker saw me searching and said
 "there she goes again, what are you making now?" I really didn't know at this point. I was just cutting out circles. and fingers... I didn't have my wonderful cutter-bee scissors with me so I was using full size paper scissors and well, my finger got in the way. 
(I can now say I have suffered for my art. It really hurt- especially after I forgot and put Hand Sanitizer on my hands... YEE-OUch! ) I just kept cutting circles until I ran out of boxes. I took the gum packages out of all the boxes I could. There were a few I really wanted to use but they weren't close to being empty, so I refrained. They will be emptied soon enough. :) In between customers, I played around with the circles and decided to make an wreath out of them.
I had a glue stick in my purse and we had a three pack of foam double stick tape on the shelf. So I bought some tape and found a piece of brown paper (my co- workers save it off the top of the newspapers for me, its like a thin brown paper bag)  I cut out a wreath shape. Decided it was too big and reshaped it.  I laid the circles out in a pleasing manner, glued the larger background circles on with the glue stick and used the foam tape for others. I double stacked the tape on the smaller circles to give a bit of depth.
 For the bow and the boingy things,  I used the plastic straps that tie the newspapers together- I had to staple those to the paper.  I hot- glued the whole thing to a piece of cardboard to give it some stability.

Voila! a bubble gum wreath! that!

This would be alot easier with circle punches and really fun with some glitter and fancy scissors but you haveta use what you have on hand! :)

My project from friday is still under construction
...maybe this friday I will unveil it!

PS. they are having a giveaway over at My Brown Bag Studio! She's giving away a Fat Eighth bundle of yumminess!

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Kimberly said...

Sweet wreath - literally!
And thanks a bunch for posting about my giveaway! Good luck!