Thursday, December 8, 2011

Nutcracker in the Castle and Tea with Wheatley

 For my niece's Christmas gift this year I took her to Osh Kosh Wisconsin for Nutcracker in the Castle! We stopped for tea in William's Bay - I do not have pictures of the tea shop because my camera is malfunctioning. Thankfully my camera worked for the rest of our adventure! Nutcracker in the Castle was AMAZING! Well worth the trip

There was alot of Oohing and Aahing going on! And we weren't even inside yet!
The Nutcracker guards stand at attention to welcome guests to the Castle.

More pictures to Follow!!! Stay Tuned!

From Mr Clean to Cell Phone Chair

I have so many things to share that I believe I will have to do a couple different posts! So first of all let me show this "chair " I made - It used to be a Mr Clean Bottle- and now it is a cell phone charging chair.  I found the idea over at Make it Love it- one of my favorite places to visit! Ashley has great ideas and is so nice to share with us! Ashley made hers out of a lotion bottle. I could not find one so I used what I had. I think the lotion bottle Would be easier to work with. The plastic seems more flexible and Mr Clean's bottle is clear so I had to cover the inside as well.  I will be making more chairs and more than likely moving the hole for the plug up a bit, but all in all I am pleased with the way it turned out!
of course my camera has decided not to work so I will be posting pictures later.
I think I need to ask Santa for a new camera- of course this one is not OLD but it is malfunctioning! :(