Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday make over

Ooh blogger is being bratty today - Just lost half my post :-(  great and now it won't let me publish because two pix didn't load and it shuts off when I try to remove them. Grrr starting over - love cut n paste :-)

I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to redo my living room and bring in some aqua.  3 walls are dark paneled and one is faux stone. I rent so painting isn't in the mix.  It took me awhile to decide exactly what I wanted - I like my living room decor just want to update.  I decided a new rug would be just the thing - but way out of my budget and I couldn't find what I wanted any hoo.  To pinterest I go - aha! I can buy a cheap ugly rug and fix it with fabric!  Whilst wandering JoAnns looking for the binding for Emma bean's quilt, I found the perfect fabric for my rug! It has the c colors that are in my living room now and aqua - that means I don't have to change the whole thing at once!  And I love this fabric.  Now I have the jumping off point.  I don't have the rug yet but the fabric is on the floor (testing for cat hair adherence - and so far  it's not too bad.)
Anyway I finally decided on maps and book pages.  I have some old windows and intend to place a map behind one like this one I found on pinterest except mine will be sepia - I painted some picture frames and the window frame this morning - since I am writing this on my phone the pix will not be in order.  So far I haven't spent much on this redo - 1.87 for paint 15 for fabric and 3.99 for my map - which I found thanks to this post from 
Have a fabulous Monday - hopefully my back will let me sew  for a while so I can get Emma bean's quilt done - sew close and yet sew far...

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rush Hour coming soon!

Wow! I've have been quite quiet on the bloggy front! I am sew glad Madame Samm has just the right hop to get me blogging again! This time its Rush Hour!
Sew we quilt
 and the way life has been it's been a constant rush hour 'round here! Hopefully things will get back to a normal ish schedule now that I have an assistant again. I have been toying with  ideas for the hop and just today a perfect idea popped into my email! YAY - I have the fabric just didn't know what I wanted to make! Stay tuned- I will be showing it off soon!

 I have been working on a quilt for EmmaBean (she is 5yo)- she was with me at the fabric store and I decided to make her a dress but couldn't decide which owl fabric I liked best so I asked her. She said- with that sweet sigh, "Aunt Bobbie, I'd rather have a blanket...." How can an Aunt Bobbie say no to that? Emma is the only one of my nieces and nephews that didn't get one when they were born. Emma picked out the rest of the fabric- with some veto power from Aunt Bobbie- and a few nudges the right direction.
 I spent a couple hours playing with the ideas for the pattern, and I am pleased with it so far. I forgot to buy binding and found the rosebud fabric in my stash and ended up using it for the back and a border- and didn't have enough to use for binding- soI got some white with dots- not that I'm ready for the binding yet, but...
I am using Warm and Natural batting- which I've not used before and WOW what a difference! I LOVE this stuff! I almost feel like I should apologize to all my other projects for not using it!

Have a fab day!