Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

It's Beginning to look alot like Christmas here in blog land- take a look at these blogs today, then catch up from yesterday with paper pieced blocks and more. 
For some music to put you in a Christmas mood click here ( it will pop up up in another window) and then you can hop back over and listen whilst you gaze upon my Christmas blocks 
I was a bit frantic as today approached! It must be Christmas :)
I have had 2 of  my blocks done since before I knew about this hop and I put them in a safe place ( sounds like what I do with all my Christmas gifts too) and I forgot where I put them! Thankfully the LORD knew and He reminded me this morning- why is it we always wait to ask Him? I found the bag right where I put it after playing with my paper pieced block.
My first block is my candy block- after searching for just the right pattern- I made up my own. lotsa HST's in this one!

Next is my present block. If you are around me any length of time you know I love to wrap presents. Last Christmas, Sunshine Boy informed his mama that Aunt Bobbie says" its not wrapped without a bow"- he now has his own box of ribbons and is in charge of wrapping presents! Well, I found package blocks and I found bow blocks but I didn't find one I liked, so guess what? I made up my own pattern.

it's hard to tell from the picture
 (and because i forgot to press the blocks before taking pictures)
but the bow is 3D
 I took two patterns and smooshed them together.
My last block is my first attempt at paper piecing.  I need to add borders around it. I used the tutorial for Candy Corn over at Madame Samm's and turned it into a tree. I need to practice more ALOT MORE. I am working on bowls for the next hop and not having the best luck with them. Regina was kind enough to make me a beginners pattern. I haven't tried it yet but we will see!
Have a Merry Time Hopping thru the snow
Thanks for stopping By! 
 PS the Winner's of my Giveaways from the last hop are
Tricia who said I loved the blocks and they are quite inspiring. Love the last picture showing the fabrics for the Aunt Sukey's Choice. Thanks for the chance to win the yummy fabrics.

Judy1522 who said Thanks for sharing your blocks. My favorite is the one with the heart that background fabric is perfect
I will be sending you an email shortly!
and for those waiting for my last giveaways- I will hopefully be mailing them on friday- with a wee bit extra for waiting sew patiently! Thnaks for bearing with me!
PS#2 many of you asked about my blog's background last hop- it is a baby quilt I made for my "daughter's" baby (I am Cindy's Mommie #2) Blogger tiled it to make the back ground 

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU to Santa Lesley and Madame Samm for hosting this HOP!
Check out the rest of these lovely blogs! 
July 30

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Think Christmas! Starts Monday!

July 30

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am still here!

I am still here- I just haven't quite gotten adjusted to my new job and haven't been able to get my schedule clear enough to blog! I haven't forgotten about my giveaways and hope to draw the names this weekend. I am so far behind I haven't even been able to send out the last giveaways yet. I do apologize and feel awful that I am so lapse. I hope everyone will forgive me. PLEASE?
I am the Activity Director at a nursing home and we have so many fun things planned -it is mind boggling! I am trying to get my closets at work organized and am working on moving my office from one end of the building to the other. The new office does not have the two wonderful closets that were in the old one and now I am juggling it all. I am also my own assistant so I get to do all this in between the programs. but I am having fun! If I am not having fun I am not doing my job right! Someone just told me I was successful because I have a job that I love and would do without getting paid- I am on salary so all my OT is donated time.
We are planning an Imagination Vacation to London, holding our own Olympics, going to the town festival, entering a float in the parade, having a hootenanny n hoedown, we have a luau in the works and that's just a little of what is being planned.

I am glad that I already have my blocks done for THINK CHRISTMAS and I am trying to do the bowls for the Bowls with Borders Hop ( key word trying- I am a very beginner paperpiecer- VERY beginner)

OK I am done rambling! Have a great day and hopefully I will post again soon and get all those goodies mailed off! I do apologize again for the delays!

Bobbie ( who just ran into herself coming down the hall)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Today is the day! Hurray!

Sunshine Boy made a flag and fireworks from blocks-
 he said to imagine the yellow was white!
Welcome fellow blog hoppers! Thanks for hopping by! I am sew excited to be a part of this hop! I had hoped to have more blocks to show you but I got a new job and the all the summertime busyness happened at once! We just finished a Old Fashioned Tent Revival at my brother in law's church and then we started Olympic Bible School at ours! all during the last two weeks! Whew! I am tired!(pictures will be posted of both events in the following days) Thankfully things are settling down to a dull roar and maybe I can get some sewing done- poor Sherman thinks he has been abandoned! ( if you are new here: Sherman is my sewing machine.) Anyhoozers, I am off on rabbit trails when what you came for is Red White and Blues!
 Here they are..... I started with a spinning star    starring Stars! 

I couldn't leave it unfinished since I made it for a silent auction,so I turned it into a table topper.   I played around and FMQed some stars in red- those were sew much FUN!

I used PicMonkey to make the quilting stand out.
I LOVE that site!
I am teaching MySweetMommie to quilt and once I showed her my spinning star she had to make one and then two and three and she hasn't stopped yet!

I also made this little patriotic Heart - I was inspired by a table topper in the last hop that someone Mrs. Pickles had made for Valentines day. ( Thank YOU Mrs. Pickles!) I had a bunch of (and still have a bunch more) little patriotic squares so played until it worked! Can you see lady liberty in the red square? I love that fabric! My piecing needs work- I must have sewn and ripped the second to last row 12 times or more.... and it's still not right! I found the background at my LQS and just found triangles in their scrap basket! You can stuff a bag for $5! I got some red too! It is amazing how much fabric I can stuff in a baggie!

 GiveAway!!! I have a charm pack and some Christmas 4 inch squares to giveaway! Sorry I don't have any pictures of them- (after 8:00AM I should have the pictures posted and possibly another block-I really wanna have it done! SEE Below) To enter just leave me a comment- Just a howdy or a hi will do! My followers will get a second entry- so if you follow me, let me know how! 
I also have some 6inch ? and some 2.5 inch to go with these!

I don't know about you, but I have had a tremendous time hopping along with Red White and Blue! Thank you Madame Samm and Jane for throwing this PARTY! I am excited for the upcoming hops Think Christmas (my day is the 31st) and Bowls with Borders!  

Have fun hopping at these other amazing places!
July 13th
quilting by dawn
Bobbie ( you are here)

Think Christmas Blog Hop Schedule Here

I got my other block done! I used this fabric to make a flag wall hanging in a class many moons ago and really wanted to use it for the hop!

and since this hop is for "unfinished" blocks I will show you
the Aunt Sukey's Choice. Or
what will be Aunt Sukey's Choice! I
have all the squares marked to be made into 8 HSTs but that is as far as I got. It is definitely a 12.5 inch unfinished block!

the third color is plain ol white

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hurrah for the Red White and Blue

I am enjoying this blog hop immensely! Sew many talented people out there! Sew much inspiration! Check out the pinterest page for all the blocks! There are 75 different blocks so far and we are only on day five!

Today's bloggers are:

July 5th

It is also Teacup Thursday and MySweetMommie got me a new blue teacup!I don't have any blue ones so I'm pretty excited about it!

Be sure to visit these blogs for more tea cups:

I am settling in at my new job and having a great time with the residents. I will hopefully get on a better blogging schedule soon! I miss it more than I thought!
Have a great day!