Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rolling out the red Carpet part 1

For this year's Volunteer Party we literally rolled out the red carpet for our volunteers! After months of planning, the party was deemed a great success. I was imagining that, at the most, we would have about 25 guests RSVP but we had 41 RSVP and about 50 in attendance! The day before the party I was feverishly sewing up extra gifts Just in Case!  Here's an over view- Each Volunteer received an handmade invitation and an announcement was in our newsletter.

The envelopes had stars punched in them too

the  real invitations had silver ribbon tied thru the top

We made a Walk of Fame with a star for each volunteer. Each seal on the star stood for what the volunteers do for us. A Cross for the churches and individuals that minister to our residents. A dog for those who bring in pets, a music note for the entertainers, a pie for the bakers, a heart for sharing love, a clock for giving time, a smiley face for bringing joy, a wrapped gift for donations of supplies, a stack of books for office helpers etc.
We had the volunteers autograph their star with a silver pen
We had to put our walk on the wall because of the wheelchair traffic.

The volunteers walked in on the red carpet and received a Swag Bag filled with candy and a "Star Volunteer" Notebook.  They also signed up to win the door prizes. The Paparazzi was there to take pictures as well. (Residents manned the cameras and the  gift table.)

For Stay tuned for more Hollywood fun when my computer decides to cooperate again!

Friday, April 12, 2013

It isn't Raining Rain

(Click for music- it will pop up in another window and you can listen whilst you read) 
 "When April Showers come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May. So if it’s raining, have no regrets. It isn’t raining rain you know, it’s raining Violets." 
I have had this song stuck in my head ever since this April Showers Mug Rug Hop was announced! So now you can have it stuck in your head too!:)

I was ever so excited that this hop was just in time for my birthday- and my friend Laurie’s birthday too! I decided to make Laurie a rug for her birthday gift, but I’ll show that one in a minute. This is the rug that was inspired by the song that is running through my head. This is MY rug for MY birthday!

I quilted the raindrops around the violets

I am NOT happy with the FMQ words but I didn’t have time to redo them.


 I am so thankful to Gina for reminding me that my day was today – I was thinking that I was on Monday. 

Thank you Internet 

Brain Freeze! My mind is rather occupied with a million things (sound of music Picture)   especially our Hollywood Volunteer Party that is happening on Tuesday. I am glad my day isn’t Monday! 

Laurie’s birthday was on Saturday  so I made her this rug- The Hollywood Party is in black, white and red and they happen to be my favorite colors and Laurie's too, so here is the Yambo Awards Mug Rug: 

if you look closely I added an L for Laurie

Sunday evening, while Pastor Fritz was preaching, I was inspired to make this one.

Our Spring Campaign is titled Get in The Boat and Pastor loves to fish, (usually from his kayak- this is a canoe because the kayak looked odd.)  And I had this fish material so….

 Get In The Boat. Made for Pastor Fritz.

I think if this fish got in the boat- Pastor might capsize!

I will be cutting a few more rugs in the near future, they are fun to make!
Thank you to Erin and Madame Samm for keeping us all together and inspiring us to try new things!  Have fun hopping over at these fabulous blogs:

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Covert Robin = SO MUCH FUN!!!


I can finally show off my tote that I made for my swap partner, Mary of Mary Moon Designs. I used her logo to design her bag. My Photo

I did add eyes to the turtle after the pix were taken.

The tote was alot of fun to make! I FMQd a bit and am pleased with the final product.
backside of the quilting

                         I also made a little bag for cards- I should have put a closure on it but it was late Sunday when  I started and didn't have any velcro.

 I was late getting to the post office on Saturday and had to mail it on monday, but Mary received it on Wednesday so it didnt take very long!

I scheduled myself off work on Thursday and forgot that I had scheduled a breakfast outing Thursday morning. OOPS! I went in at 7:30 took the residents to breakfast and left work at 10:30am. When I arrived home there was a brown paper package in my mail box!  When I opened it- there was another brown paper package and it was tied up with string (truly one of my favorite things) Inside was a personalized canvas- made just for me! With my name on it even! (Growing up with a "boy's name" sometimes makes it difficult to find it spelled correctly) Thank you sew sew much Amanda- I love it! be sure to check out Amanda's Etsy shop - lotsa cool stuff over there!
isn't it Great?!

Thanks to all the coordinators of this swap! They did a fab job!

Friday, April 5, 2013

bulletin boards

Just a quick view of some of the year's bulletin boards

october - dietary appreciation

Housekeepers keepin things in Apple pie order

cotton candy is made with cotton balls glued to paper
and tinted with hi- lighters

I started this post to show you one bulletin board in particular and now I can't find the pictures... Stay tuned- I know I took some! :)