Thursday, January 26, 2012

Teacup Thursday and another goofy bag!

A Teacup and another Goofy Bag! Toldya I love this bag! 

This teacup always makes me think of Spring and looks so pretty with all my Valentine's decorations because of the pink Daisy!

I also love the vine around the inside rim of the cup- it definitely makes me smile!

my berry bag

Here is my newest Goofy Bag- once again I did not measure or calculate the finished size and the finished size was not what I "planned" but I love it- this bag is the perfect size for my (new) camera (that my fairy CAmother gave me to replace the frustrating malfunctioning one.)
       It also holds the handy dandy card reader and cord that I can use on any computer without a SD reader <------I love this thing!
I found the cute Shoe shaped backpack clip at the $ store the other day and now my camera doesn't slip to the depths of my purse and is within easy reach whenever the impulse hits!
                  I have been playing with the side bar of my blog layout- please let me know if something doesn't work right!

Others Who Are Participating in Teacup Thursday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Teacup- Where's the teacup?

I didn't even realize that yesterday was Thursday! All those who hopped over from Miss Spenser's looking for teacups were probably disappointed that I didn't have a teacup in my blog- I do apologize! and I was drinking tea when I made the goofy bag- does that count? For some really pretty Teacups you can check out Susan Branch's blog from Wednesday- and if you go back one entry the blog about girlfriends is great too ( the song on that one made me laugh out loud)
It is Snowing!!! and I get to go home early- I feel like a kid getting out of school early! When I worked at the nursing home we didn't get to leave early- hospitals and other health services are like that too- kinda necessary to have staff on site! but answering the phones is not so crucial a job so I get to leave! Woo Hoo- I am going to enjoy it! I have movies and sewing and baking and ooh all sorts of fun things to do!  

or I could just cuddle up with a good book, my main man Earl Stanley Grey
and a cuppa  Earl Grey tea

momma bag and baby bag.
 momma bag looks a bit squashed in this pic
 I did finish the mini bag last night! It is "like so lower gardens!" amazingly adorable- what is it about miniatures that makes us all goo-goo and giddy?
I should have put the tab on the end but I had a bit of trouble with the zipper and forgot about it- i may go back and put it in - I don't know yet.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas through the Year

my fabric choices-
I decided not to save this one for Christmas-
 its a little too springy!

Every year I say- "this year I will make an ornament or a gift every month so I will be ready at Christmas time"and of course it  never ever happens! I do enjoy the rush of trying to get things done but imagine how much more I could get done if I had some things already done! (that's a lot of "dones" for one sentence!) This year I have some bloggy land help! Cheryl and Darlene are hosting Christmas through the year with tutorials & motivations all year long! I found them through one of my dear friends from Christmas to the Max who happened to mention that her sister Barb was joining bloggyland and following these ladies thru the year. I tell ya I found all sorts of fun things to do! I found this tutorial from Thimbleanna whilst bouncing around these blogs on Thursday and printed it off to take home! I had some "me time" on Saturday so I actually did some of them! It only took me twice through Beauty and the Beast to make it! I had so much fun making it that I decided to teach my mom and sister how to make one and I am making a mini one as well. (I had to stop sewing the mini one last night because I was too busy watching Courageous to pay attention to the sewing. Didn't want to have to rip out seams or remove the needle from my fingers)
this fabric came from my Bevy stash of Fat Quarters
 My bag is a little taller than I wanted. Obviously I didn't measure twice and cut once!- it kinda looks like a Bible cover (for a short fat Bible)-I of course did NOT follow directions completely and I was too lazy to go get my rotary cutter, the next bags will be simpler to make if I use the proper tools!  I gotta tell you - I am in love with this bag and the mini one is turning out rather cute too!

Hey Bevy- Can you see Moe and Curley? I think Larry is hiding!

The zipper went in very easily and I didn't even use the zipper foot- mainly because my needle would have broken- the foot is not the right one for my machine (garage sale special.) Thank You Thimbleanna for a great tutorial!

I love the little tab on the end- I almost didn't add it but I am glad I did!

Before the needle broke-
good thing Lou's favorite sister has a stash of needles!
Lou's bag (which would have been finished had the needle not broken on her machine) is so sweet and feminine-  I haven't started Mom on her bag yet - hopefully next week? 
Anywhoo I will have a cute little goofy bag for my Christmas stash- watch for more Christmas gift ideas right here! You are more than welcome to join us - it will be very nice to have 12 gifts all ready when December rolls around!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Teacup Thursday

 All the links are for music so click for some wintery songs!
It is Snowing! First snow we have had since December 17th! Yes, I am one of those weird people who are excited about the snow today! I'm just afraid if we don't get winter weather soon, the weather will still be wintery in June! So Let it Snow!  

My teacup today is one of my very first teacups! We went to Sedona Arizona to visit Aunt Cheesecake and Uncle Jag right after I had decided to start my collection-  That was an amazing vacation! Sedona is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.
When Aunt Cheesecake heard I was collecting- she presented me with this one from her collection. It remains very special to me!  

That trip was also special because we went to Cathedral City, California so my sister and I could reunite with our Dad, whom we hadn't seen since 1978. Dad and CaMom have been spoiling us rotten ever since! We are so blessed to have them in  our lives!
Brew a pot of tea, sit back and get cozy- Winter Wonderland is here to stay- For a few days anyway!