Thursday, September 29, 2011

Teacups and Tandy cake!

Teacup Thursday!

Last night when I arrived at church I was pleasantly surprised by my friend Amy. She made Tandy Cake for the potluck- because I love it! What a sweet friend! Thank YOU Amy! I ate way too many pieces through the evening and I even got to take some home to have with my tea!

For the recipe click here

Just for Fun- this effect is called hypnotic!

There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much
diminished by a nice cup of tea. 
 ~Bernard-Paul Heroux

Coming soon: From this to renaissance wear!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tea Cup Thursday- and its really thursday

 Happy Thursday to you!

I am glad thursday comes once a week because I had a hard time choosing which teacup to share today! I have QUITE a few! This teacup is in my hallway- where it just found its new home for autumn. Since it is Canadian I thought it would go great with my Travel Spot in the hallway. No, the words are not actually on my wall, but they would look neat there! I really need something there to hide the ugly lightswitch!

I believe this cup came from my Mommie- I love it for the gold maple leaves! It looks so pretty with my fall decor, and now it has it's very own space in the Wandering!

As you can see I have been playing with Picnik again! I really LOVE that site!

The lovely lady is the photo is my Great Grandma!

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Teacup Thursday!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Teacup Thursday- a day late!

Well- I planned to go home and take pictures of my teacup-and remembered when I got to work this morning! So I decided to play with the not so great picture I had on the camera. I really love! It is addicting -so beware!                                                 
Doesnt the saucer look like it belongs to this cup?
I love mix and match!
This teacup has a story- every teacup does! Once upon a time, in a land far far away (iowa) there was a ladies retreat at CRBC and in the bookshop Mrs. Smith had teacups- I fell in love with this one. It says A Treasured Friend Warms the Heart - I thought it would be weird for me to buy myself a friendship cup so I refrained, (but I still wanted it.) The cup was still there in November when I went up to help with the Turkey Shoot, and again I refrained from buying it. (but I still wanted it.) It was still there during Teen Camp- but once again I refrained- but oooh I wanted that tea cup! Ladies Retreat rolled around again and the cup was still there! AND it was reduced because the saucer had been broken!!  I looked at it before chapel on Friday, I looked at it after chapel, I looked at it before split session on Saturday and I finally talked myself into buying it after split session on Saturday. I mean, who can resist 1/2 price? When I when to the bookstore to get my teacup- THE CUP HAD BEEN SOLD!!! I was heart broken- "how dare someone buy my teacup?" Then I said " it's alright, you really didnt need it, and it's ok" (sometimes I have to give pep talks to myself) and that was that. A few months later, I received a package for Christmas from my very dear friend  and it contained - My Teacup!  I agree with the sentiment- A Treasured Friend does warm the heart! Thanks Nelle!

doesnt this look like a latch hook rug? or a Monet?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Beauty

It has been cooler the past couple weeks so I just had to start decorating for Fall on September first.  I usually don't start until about the 15th but I had the day off and it *felt* like fall! Then the next couple days were normal temperatures-but today there was actually frost on my car window! OOOkay- I love fall but this is a little too cool too soon! I am ready for hot cider, pumpkin pie ice cream, spicy smells and COLOR!
Although I play it occasionally, I really only have a piano so I can decorate it! It is my favorite place to decorate and makes such a nice focal point for the room! and tho' I have caught them up there a few times,  *most* of the time the cats sit on the piano bench not on top of the piano.  

A treasured Friend Warms the heart
It is Teacup Thursday- so if I may draw your attention to the tea cup on the piano- One of my favorites, but alas I didnt get a good close up- so if you will tune in tomorrow- we will have a tea cup Friday and I will tell you the story - with better pictures! For better teacup thursday pics hop on over to these blogs- *they are more on top of things!*
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

From this

 I had planned to craft all day after work on Labor Day, but a much better offer came along! (I know, I know, what could be a better offer than crafting all day? )  Shopping and lunch with a friend-that's what! and THEN I came home to craft- stayed home and crafted for the length of a movie, was getting ready to start a new project and... went shopping again and out for ice cream! (with the same friend- to the same stores!)  The second time we brought her daughter along and she kept us entertained! She  kept the other customers entertained as well! Two and a half is such a fun age!

to That!

  Anyway, whilst we were shopping (the first time) I finally remembered to get coffee filters so I could make up some angels- I love these angels: #1 They are simple to make. #2 they are made from stuff on hand. (except when I run out of coffee filters-can you believe I used them for - making coffee?)  #3 They are super cute. and #4 they are personalizable (is that really a word? it is now!) I love making gifts that can be personalized!

On Saturday I also made this wreath from two wire hangers and some upholstery fabric samples. Thank you to Rachel at ps i quilt for the tutorial! It only took one movie to make it so I believe I will be making more. Can't you just see a baby quilt with matching wreath.... hmmm?! 
 Have a glorious crafty day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

From This to That and Back Again

Ok Folks here it is! I have finally taken the plunge and I now have a BLOG!!! I also have an Etsy Shop and both have something in common- I do not have anything posted in either one! This is  "a work in progress" so please bear with me as I figure things out!

My major projects for this weekend- (it is LABOR day weekend so I must LABOR on!) include taking my handy dandy Cricut ( insert little r with circle here!) boxes and turning them into a thing of beauty!
Believe it or not the beautiful box to the left used to look similar to the one above. but with a little fairy dust and my magic spray, it is now a keepsake photo album box. Of course I don't have the album finished yet but the box is pretty! Somehow I messed up the picture of the front of the box so you are stuck with seeing the back. I like it from all sides! This is one of the rare times when I can not bear to part with something I have made- usually I make things to give away and I *tried* to give this one away and couldn't- So I made my dear friend a different one! Pictures will be coming soon! I am also working on Hamlet's Wreath and  Diaper Wreath #2 - I mean what's the use of having a shop if I have nothing to sell? I need to get busy!
Have a great Labor Day Weekend! and Happy Crafting!