Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nuts about bloghop

Nuts about.....
OH so many things!  When I thought what and who I'm most crazy about, one of the first people that came to mind was my sweet Jesus -💕 God's only Son loves me so much that He gave His life for me when I didn't even care. Totally undeserving of His love and He loved me anyway. And because I accepted that gift of salvation, I now have not only a home in heaven, but sweet, sweet friendship with him now.  How could I not be nuts about Him?
I'm also pretty much nuts about:
💕my Kidlets. I get to be Aunt Bobbie not only to my nieces and nephews but all the kids in church too. 
💕my residents at the nursing home.
💕 Aurifil thread - I've become a thread snob
💕 Tea and Coffee - even my cats names reflect that!
💕My Cats - Earl Stanley Grey and Espresso. 
I'm also going completely nuts because I'm in the middle of packing to move!   And it's become obvious that I'm also nuts about 💕reading - I'm on box #17 of books and I still have 2 bookshelves left to pack! I did manage to get rid of some books, maybe like... Ten or so...  I know... "she's nuts"  just wait until I count the💕 fabric totes!
Since I'm moving and it was kinda unexpected,  my project... Isn't started yet and is now 5:37pm. I'm going to make something...
💕It's now 7:58 pm After some deliberation I decided to use a Wordless book quilt block (which uses color to share how to get to heaven) that I found while packing and some of my favorite valentine fabric to make a tote bag.  Nothing real fancy but fun to make!  I cut the block into a heart and stitched it to the pocket with black Aurifil 50wt.
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February 10, 2016

Sew Many Yarns
From This To That
Seams To Be Sew

Monday, February 1, 2016

Aurifil Designer Block of the Month

Another finish! 
I was able to complete the block of the month!  I couldn't find the right blues for a traditional "blue and white"  since Heather calls her block Swirls and was thinking ocean waves,  I used ocean blues and greens - I've been collecting these since my trip to San Diego in 2011... I also found some white backing fabric in my stash!  I may be able to do the whole quilt without buying fabric - except possibly for the backing.  Yay!  (that's my pocketbook cheering,  not the fabric lover)
I simply love this block - in fact I wasn't going to participate in this BOM, but then I saw this block. 
It's a good thing I love this block too... I stitched the center all wrong and had to start it over, then I think I ripped out the new center at least 3x,  then I sewed the corner triangles the wrong direction, I had to trim the last round of white ... Yep it's a good thing I love this block - it almost wasn't a Finish!  But now it is and though it's not perfect, I am pleased with it! And I might just make another one! 
For more about this block,  the tutorial and an interview with block designer Heather Valentine click here!

Stay tuned for more progress and finishes

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Progress =Finish

In my last post I shared the whys and wherefores of my Word16 words.  Here is my Finished mini to remind me to make Progress!  I also Finished a quilt for a  Warrior Princess!  I made Progress on another project, and it would be finished except for technical difficulties  :/ I will hopefully fix that problem after a cup of tea.  I am linking to Elm Street Quilts Word16 - you can click and maybe get some inspiration for your own word of the year! 


I was challenged to come up with a word of the year for 2016. I  saw lots of words - I love words and have been known to take forever looking up a word in the dictionary because other words sidetrack me.  Pause reflect create discover learn.... I was struggling to find just the right one....  I finally decided on Progress - Mr Webster says it means : noun [Latin progressus, progedior; pro and gradior, to step or go. See Grade and Degree.]

1. A moving or going forward; a proceeding onward. A man makes a slow progress or a rapid progress on a journey; a ship makes slow progress against the tide. He watched the progress of the army on its march, or the progress of a star or comet.

2. A moving forward in growth; increase; as the progress of a plant or animal.

3. Advance in business of any kind; as the progress of a negotiation; the progress of arts.

4. Advance in knowledge; intellectual or moral improvement; proficiency. The student is commended for this progress in learning; the christian for his progress in virtue and piety.
V.  proceed; to continue onward in course.

2. To advance; to make improvement.
In so many areas I tend to get bogged down and stuck, UFO's pile up,  my list gets longer and I'm making zero progress.
Then I saw an article here and the word Finish just stayed with me.  So I decided to have two words this year. They go together - if I am making Progress , I will eventually Finish.  Mr Webster says : FIN'ISH, verb transitive [Latin finio, from finis, an end.]

1. To arrive at the end of, in performance; to complete; as, to finish a house; to finish a journey.

Thus the heavens and the earth were finished. Genesis 2:1.

2. To make perfect.

Episodes, taken separately, finish nothing.

3. To bring to an end; to end; to put an end to.

Seventy weeks are determined on thy people, and on thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and make an end of sins.

Daniel 9:24.

4. To perfect; to accomplish; to polish to the degree of excellence intended. In this sense it is frequently used in the participle of the perfect tense as an adjective. It is a finished performance. He is a finished scholar.
Patty over at Elm Street Quilts is hosting a linky party and we're supposed to make a quilt with our word on it. When I think of progress I think of the slow moving color bars on the Computer (they are like a watched pot and go so very slow when you're watching) and the first thing that came to mind for finish was a finish line. So abandoning progress on anything else yesterday, I made my mini quilt. And then spent waaay to long trying to find the picture of the girl in a dress that I wanted to use at my finish line - all the key words were too common: girl, lady, dress,  3d....I found lots of other cool projects but not the one I was looking for.  I've pinned, saved, posted it Somewhere.  So I made my own and *now* will find her everywhere.  Since I spent so much time searching, I didn't get a Finish,  but I did make Progress.  Later today I will add the picture of the Finish!