Wednesday, October 24, 2012

UR Priceless coming soon to blogs near you!

In my last post I told you that I needed to print out instructions for my coin purse-  I finally remembered andstarted on sunday afternoon. After spending an hour and a half trying to get the first part pinned right- User malfunction for sure! I was able to make my first one- it turned out sew stinkin' cute that I had to hie myself off to Joann's and get more handles. Monday night I cut out 6 more purses and last night i got 7 sewn together- I just need to add the handles- which for some reason, JoAnn's has run completely out of ! I was able to get them done after only one movie!
Stay tuned for more pictures!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Feeling Better

I am happy to report that I was able to cut out my fabric for my Leaf me Bee block and “Fall”ing in Love block without pain! I haven’t sat at my machine since September 22! :(

Hopefully I can get them pieced after I get off work this afternoon.

We have a bazaar at the Nursing Home in November and I did finish one project for it. Pretty soon my office will look like Santa’s Workshop- I just have fewer elves!

I took a Home Interior’s picture set that was laying in the storage room and transformed it into something totally different. 
I *do* like this picture- but we have another set... also in storage
My opinion poll showed that the frames were
 too "shiny" gold so...

The warms the heart didn't photograph well - probably because the glass was in it.
 It really isn't cloudy.

I also learned that Avon Skin So Soft removes spray paint from skin!!! I like the spray paint- Fusion by Krylon but it sprays rather forcefully  (more like foam disinfectant cleaner than paint) and I had a brown hand. I didn't have the key to the maintenance office so I tried hand sanitizer- nope didn't work, then i spied the Skin so soft- Worked great, AND it smells good!

I won a prize from the Bowls with Borders Hop all the way from Germany! These little mushrooms are sew sweet! Thank You Nicole!

That’s all for now- hopefully my blocks will be done so I can post them soon! I am also working on my coin purse for the UR Priceless Hop - as soon as I remember to print the instructions! I tried last night to read them off my phone and only step 11, and one step near the end showed up! So much for that Idea! :P

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Leafs me Bewildered

Bubbles- notice my Dottiness?
Well, as most of you know, the day after my Dots on Dots post, I was walking in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Besides making balloon animals, Bubbles usually makes popcorn, so I got to the nursing home and proceeded to load the popcorn machine into Jupiter (my Saturn) I mistakenly thought I had loaded this popcorn machine into Jupiter on a previous occasion. So I wrestled it into the front seat. And told everyone I would see them at the park, took the popcorn cart back into the building and proceeded to start the car…Oh no I didn’t – the popcorn machine was wedged over the gear shift and on the steering wheel. I couldn’t get my hand under the machine to even get to the keys! Hmmm now what? So I got out and decided maybe it will fit in the backseat ( I really should have videoed this process- I was dressed as a clown after all) Nope! Won’t fit back there either. I tried this way and that- and I was lifting the machine off of the ground by this time because- I took the cart in already. It was elephant appreciation day-
I felt like I was trying to get an elephant into the car. Altho’ having an elephant there would have been handy- I could have strapped the popcorn machine to his back and given rides at the Walk. Anyway I wrestled the machine back into the building ( uh, Bobbie why didn’t you go get the cart? Well I was in a hurry and hadn’t had my coffee yet…) and we just didn’t have popcorn this year :(  My lower back was a little sore on Sunday and Monday, but just a twinge. Tuesday, we had our Luau and I moved tables and chairs and then moved tables and chairs and undecorated and by Wednesday, I couldn’t move well at all. I don’t remember ever hurting my lower back, I have hurt my shoulder and neck but this was AWFUL! I haven’t sat at my sewing machine since. This Thursday, I tried to cut my blocks for the blocks I really wanted to make for this hop. I got three strips cut and then my back told me without question- NO MORE. I have been to the chiropractor multiple times and I do feel a bit better so, I am hoping that I can at least make one block tonight after church and can post it in the morning.

I do have a block to share. I started this runner last year and when I got it out, I was thinking it was a disappearing 9 patch but as I took these pictures, I realized it isn’t.  I am not quite sure what it is…. “Leafs me Bewildered” is now the name of my block. :)

Leafs Me Bewildered

I started Free Motion Quilting it, but the thread was not cooperating so I gave up. (and I had no clue what FMQ was at the time- so that could be why the thread was sew uncooperative) Since FMQ is not sew bewildering now, I will be picking these stitches out and trying again.

does anyone recognize this fabric? it
was a charm pack but I didn't notice
names back then. Just one more thing I am bewildered about :) so far the concensus is it is a Sandy Gervais line

Hopefully, if you check back around 8am Illinois time,  later this week... (me back didn't like the idea last night) I will have added "Leaf me Bee" and "Falling in Love" posted as well. I also wanted to do Leafin' on a jet plane but will definitely not have time for that.
Thanks for stoppin' by!

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