Thursday, October 27, 2011

Teacup Thursday

 Since last Saturday was so October Bright Blue I decided to take a wee jaunt to check out a tea shop I found online. Mommie and I left her house around 2:30 in the afternoon and enjoyed a leisurely drive up to William's Bay Wisconsin.  Although, the directions tried really hard to misdirect, We actually didn't get lost at all!! If you know my history at all- that is IMPRESSIVE!! Lou and I decided it was because she wasn't with me! We always get lost together- even when we aren't the ones driving- the car we are in will get lost!  Any way-  it was a perfect day for a drive!  It only took a little over 1.5 hours.   As you can tell, there were lots of pretties at the shop for me to oooh and aaah over!

Mom enjoyed a cuppa White Ginger Orange Peach  and I sipped Lavender Earl Grey. We had a delightful time chatting with Charlotte Wheatley and then we perused the Antique shop next door. 

The road to the Bay was closed, so we meandered to Lakeshore Drive and Fontana, where we wandered by the docks and played on the playground. I will be taking my niece to Osh Kosh in November and we plan to stop and have  Tea with Wheatley again! If you are in the area, Tea with Wheatley is hosting a Hat Tea on October 29th!

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Mommie's fav Teapot

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dippin' Dots Dress

From "this"
I found this adorable dress at the Clipper Closet- our local thrift store. Alas, it is way too short for my niece- but I figured for 25cents I could fix it some how. I had her cover her eyes with a baby blanket when I tried it on her so it would be a surprise- I LOVE Surprises!  She knows that it is pink and soft and its for her. My sister has made over "too short" adult size dresses for Abby before so I knew it could be done.

way too short!

Of course since it is from Aunt Bobbie, I couldn't just add fabric to it -I had to get all carried away and patchwork it. I should have taken more pictures but my camera was all the way in the living room and I was in the groove. I almost forgot to take the "before" picture- I had already cut the ruffle off when I remembered. I am calling this the Dippin' Dots Dress because this fabric makes me want ice cream! 

I can not believe how well this fabric matches the pink in the dress. Both fabrics came in the "bevy of boxes" from my California Mom! (Thank You Bevy!)  I had a picture in my head but had no real pattern- I just kinda said "hmm lets make some pinwheels"- then I cut the half square triangles and decided they were too big. So I got two mini HST's from each "too big" HST.

to "that"
Then I made the Oh SO Easy four patch blocks-  and just pieced pieces til it fit the ruffle.  The worst part was taking the stinking ruffle off- that dress was well made, I tell ya, and I ended up using my cutter bee scissors to remove the ruffle because my seam ripper wouldnt work- I think it took longer to rip that ruffle off than it did to piece the entire quilt part! I will not be seeing Abby until Monday, so I have to wait a few more days to give it to her- I will post pix of her modeling it then!

Friday, October 21, 2011

October's Bright Blue Weather

Today is a beautiful representation of
October's Bright Blue Weather! The sky only gets this blue in October! The air is crisp and there was frost on all the car windows this morning. It is perfect weather for your favorite fall jacket! Time for a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon.
It tastes so much better when served in a Pumpkin Mug!
Does anyone have pumpkin donuts to go with this?

O sun and skies and clouds of June
And flowers of June together,
Ye cannot rival for one hour
October's bright blue weather;

When loud the bumblebee makes haste,
Belated, thriftless vagrant,
And goldenrod is dying fast,
And lanes with grapes are fragrant;

When gentians roll their fringes tight,
To save them for the morning,
And chestnuts fall from satin burs
Without a sound of warning;

When on the ground red apples lie
In piles like jewels shining,
And redder still on old stone walls
Are leaves of woodbine twining;

When all the lovely wayside things
Their white-winged seeds are sowing,
And in the fields, still green and fair,
Late aftermaths are growing;

When springs run low, and on the brooks
In idle, golden freighting,
Bright leaves sink noiseless in the hush
Of woods, for winter waiting;

When comrades seek sweet country haunt
By twos and twos together,
And count like misers hour by hour
October's bright blue weather.

O sun and skies and flowers of June,
Count all your boasts together,
Love loveth best of all the year
October's bright blue weather
Helen Hunt Jackson
Mom and I are going to enjoy this bright blue weather with a road trip tomorrow afternoon! What is your favorite way to enjoy fall?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Its Wednesday!

As I was walking out the door to go to work
 I remembered it was thursday!

Well it was Wednesday when I started,  but time got away from me so now it is time for Teacup Thursday! In honor of  Cynthia's Giveaway    I have put together a little bitty  tea party!(Hop on over to Cynthia's to see this adorable bakers rack- havent figured out how to add her pix to my blog but   Tales from an OC COTTAGE did it so I'm sure it can be done. )
 My bears and bunny usually enjoy their tea next to my bookshelf at home, but were glad to get out of the house and join me at work today! I love being able to edit my pictures- you can't even tell I took them at work!

You shoulda seen me running around "oh I need this - dont forget that!"

Mom is having way too much
fun test driving this long arm machine!

My mom and I went to the Petunia City Quilters Quilt show and had a blast! I got an autographed quilt book and learned a neato way to make a four patch square! We also got to test drive a long arm quilter- oooh I want one!I have been quilting and sewing and gluing up a storm but did I remember to take pictures--- nope! I will endeavor to post some tomorrow! ( hey it's tomorrow- if you look closely at the quilt squares my bears and bunny are sitting on you will see the "Scrappy Trails to You" blocks I have been working on. Thank you Donna for my new book.) 

My bears are enjoying their tea withAlice in Wonder land and Narnia!
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teacup Thursday

Can you see the cinnamon bread and crumbs?
- the house smelled so good this morning!

Here it is again Teacup Thursday! Last week I actually received 2 new cups on Thursday- but didn't know until Friday. This is one of them - they are gifts from my FABULOUS CaliforniaMom! I especially love this one. Most teacups are for right handed people- if they are painted inside and you hold it in your left hand you don't get to see the pretties! I have a friend who has been looking in vain for a left handed teacup for me. The fine folks in Staffordshire England have come up with a solution:

This cup is ambidextrous!
The flowers on the inside go all the way around!  Now when I hold it in either hand I can still enjoy the flowers! Simple Pleasures!!
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