Monday, February 9, 2015

Train trip

When  my niece was 9 I took her up to Oshkosh Wisconsin on an over night trip. The boys were of course wanting to go so Aunt Bobbie and mommy said that you can't go on an over night trip until you are nine.  Nehemiah reached nine years old the next year so we went to Medieval Times  and Woodfield Mall.  This year is Elijah's turn. Nehemiah suggested that he go to Lego land so that is where we are headed now. 
My car is dead so we are taking the train to Chicago and then the metra to Schaumburg. 
I have never taken a train before but a few friends highly recommend this mode of transportation.
I have had Chattanooga Choo Choo stuck in my head for days now.
Chattanooga Choo Choo - The Andrews Sisters w/ons…:

Elijah is counting the crossings  (along with his faithful side kick Dog dog) he said Dog dog has her ear up to listen for the Blow (of the horn)

Monday, February 2, 2015

February already?

Today is my day off and I am blessedly snowed in! Blessed because Friday I actually shopped for groceries! I don't cook very often so I don't always have stuff to cook in the house. But a friend invited me to go the other night and I did. I am working on a yummy beef stew for lunch! 
I am also blessed because my assistant made it into work so I didn't have to go in. (I live a few blocks away and can walk if need be)
I am also blessed because I get to sew today.
I have been working on the Kitty in the Garden quilt for a dear friend who would love to have a cat but travels alot. I started this way back in 2009 or 10. I work on it feverishly and then it gets put away. The last time I worked on it was last February. I wanted to get it finished for our quilt show at the nursing home.  It went to the show as a flimsy.  I decided to add more borders and put it away again. Until January 2015. I added a border using the scraps from the stepping stones blocks- I made hst blocks from the corners before trimming them. I also did a piano key variation from the other scraps. (my friend and her hubby play the piano so I thought it was fitting) I am now in the midst of quilting it.  I am attempting to fmq kitties and paw prints here and there. 
This year's quilt show is the 26th and this quilt WILL be  finished by then!  My friend's birthday is at the beginning of March so it will be perfect timing.