Sunday, November 15, 2015

Christmas in my Heart

I love Christmas! To think that the Creator of the universe would send His Son, would stoop to become a helpless baby, because He loved me and you and He would rather die than live without us - that's something to celebrate!  Emmanuel - God with us!
Spoiler alert: if my family is reading this - no peeking!
This year is our first year without Granny.  I have her button tins and am making special ornaments for all the grandkids and great grand kids. I made these ones up in less than 1/2 hour,  and didn't even make a dent in the button pile.  I still need to add a poem to the back of each ornament (but it's only half written) and add a hanger. 
I have a whole lot of sewing plans for Christmas but haven't started those yet.  I do have my kitchen decorating almost finished - I started early because I have a couple tea parties planned and have the time n now. Thanksgiving decor is up in the living room. 
Hope you enjoy my pictures!  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Thanksgiving! 7am special update - I didn't realize it but November 16th is officially  Button Day-rather fitting  for my project! 

I'm posting from my phone so can not put up the raffle copter thingy but if you stop over at our wonderful head elf Marian's blog,   you can enter to win a $25 gift certificate to the Fat Quarter Shop! There's a prize everyday and Marian has  a free pattern for you too! For even more entries visit the other elves: 

Okay my blogger app is not cooperating  :( and won't let me add the links - please stop at Marian's to visit the others 

  Monday, November 16

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Ornament Exchange My Pinterventures

my pinterventures
 Erlene over at My Pinterventures is hosting a fabulous Ornament Exchange.  I LOVE Christmas ornaments and just had to join. I get to swap with Sharon from the Blue Willow House. Her blog is so much FUN! Lots of Vintage goodies. To get you in the Christmas Mode click here for some music- just remember to come back here :)
My Mom and I got together to make Ornaments the other day and I had way too many ideas flowing- I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted- my phone is out of order. (grrrrr)
Lots of Crafty goodness
We made Christmas Trees with fabric, dowel rods, and thread spools. I've been throwing all my empty spools into a basket and this was the perfect time to get them out! 
scrappy tree fun

These are super easy- just cut scraps into strips (we used 1.5 inch wide and pressed them in half)  Then we tied them around the dowel rod and trimmed them. the one side seems to stick up a bit so we just stuck a bit of hot glue in the "armpit" .

a bit of ribbon at the top for a hanger and a button for the star

Then we wrapped the spools in a bit of fabric, glued and embellished for the tree stand. A wee bit of hot glue on the "tree trunk" and stuck it in the spool.  We also embellished just the spools.
Sorry the pictures aren't better-
my phone has some really good ones

Then as I was playing with scraps I made a paper airplane- It was super cute - so I found some quilted paper and made more- I think I am making lots more of these.
This birdie is flying first class this year!







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Merry Christmas!