Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ikea frame make over

I love how these turned out! I used some ikea frames that I got at a garage sale. I painted them with Rust O leum Caribbean sands spray paint. They feel sandy. :) the paint didn't work quite the way I planned but that's okay. The people at Rust oleum were great to work with.
Anyway, I glued seashells, stones from the dollar store, and "kitchen twine" round them and added some vacay pix from SanDiego. Simple Sunday afternoon project!

from this to that! :-)  (of course since my phone put the pix in backwards - I guess its more like "this FROM that" :-)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bungled J ungle

Some of you may remember my jungle bungle blocks from the dots on dots hop last september. I made them for elephant appreciation day as well as Dots on Dots.  My friend Melissa really liked them and joked that *if* she had another baby, she would like this Quilt.  About a month later we found out she was expecting. She likes surprises so we didn't know what this baby was until the birth date. I planned on using the aquas if it was a girl and adding the darker blue and yellow if it was a boy- as you can see - it is a boy!  I was hoping to have it done for his shower but the shower is on Saturday so that isnt happening. but it will be done soon.:-) 

Have you been checking out the Stamps? They are so much fun! Mushrooms, flamingos,pigs,cardinals, dragonflies, paper airplanes, itty bitty hearts , flags and more! Check them out! you can find the days schedule by clicking the button on my sidebar. Have a great day!

Put your stamp on it hop

It starts today !!!!! You can see the whole schedule by clicking the button on my sidebar. I can't wait to see all the creativity. My day is next week and I have one stamp ready and at least two on the drawing board.
Since I can't show you yet,here is the "helper" I had making sure the pieces didn't run away. He let me lift one end of him at a time when I needed the pieces. These are for a special lap blanket for one of my favoritist peeps, so I can't show it either. :-) .
Happy hopping!

Monday, June 17, 2013

working on the beach

This morning I got up with the birds, which is unusual for me on Mondays. I had laundry on the line by 7am. :)  I wanted to get a head start on the laundry room. I am seeing An end in sight and have been having a great time decorating with stuff I had in the house already.
this wreath was given to me by a friend who said "I thought you could do something with it" That was quite a while ago. I was planning to do something for fall with it, but  I really like it now!

I am also adding a better picture of the ocean sign from yesterday.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ocean sign

I received a sign for my beach house aka laundry room and decided to jazz it up a bit. Glass stones from the dollar store, shells from my collection, sticks and loofah from some potpourri and some glitter from my fairy CA Mom. Didn't have to leave the house and 15minutes later my sign is hung. :-) of course the 15 minutes doesn't include the time spent looking for the glue. I just had it the other day....

Monday, June 10, 2013

Fence me in

I saw this fence on Pinterest and decided that it needed to go in my laundry room. However, we seem to have a shortage of drift wood around here in farm country. so I found some "value" wood for 2.00 and looked up how to age it. Seems easy enough... just vinegar, water and a steel wool pad soaked overnight. Then painted on the wood.
I dipped the end in the solution and it is already greying. If you look closely you can see the difference. Check back later for the results.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I had Monday off Work and planned to work on some WIP s and try tocatch up with Mt. Laundremore. But I walked into the laundry room and started cleaning. And Then I started painting... You see a few years ago I decided decorate my laundry room in a beachy theme. I bought paint and rearranged so the garage and laundry room could be separate rooms. Then life jumped in and the paint sat in the closet and the garage encroached itself back into the laundry area once again. I decided that I was going to get it done this year for sure! I bought shelves for totes and have been dreaming about it for so Monday I started. So far I have painted three sections and myself blue. :) I have two sections to go and a stinky spot that I can't reach without moving the washer . These are some before is awful, sorry. The last pictures are from the picnic the kidlets and I took yesterday evening.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Newfo for may!

Miah's drawing- I asked for a parrot with the sun behind him
Last week I borrowed Miah and we went shopping. At every store Miah looked for a cover for his e-reader, to no avail. So Aunt Bobbie decided to make him one. I wanted something with parrots but couldn't find the right fabric. So I went with applique. Miah drew me a picture and I tried to copy it.
I tried to get it finished for the memorial day picnic but for got to add the sleeve to put the cardboard in to make it stiff. Oops!
I worked some more on the tie quilt and have decided that silk is a pain to sew!

I did most of this post from my phone! but I haven't figured out how to make the pictures smaller or caption them. I did the post while sitting at my desk so I could check it on the "real" Computer :)  

Gone mobile!

I have moved up in the technological field! From a borderline smart phone to a slightly smarter one! This means I can blog from home now. I can also access Pinterest and possibly even comment and cheer my fellow blog hoppers on. I have been more of a giraffe cheerer~ cheering without saying a word, but cheering none the less. Actually I have been cheering without typing a word~ my oohs and aahs are audible.
I am hoping to work on the memory quilt today after work. I also need to share a gazillion projects that have been languishing. I even have a newfo for may to share. Ttfn!