Saturday, June 27, 2015

Round n round n round the turntable goes

I have this song from Deanna Durbin (click link to hear it) stuck in my head inspired by the pillow I'm working on for my Poofy Pillow Swap partner.  She likes orange and circles. I took it as a challenge to try curved piecing.  I found loads of tutorials to "cheat"  and applique the circles. Which I *did* do for the smaller circles in the center. I want to quilt in a circle and didn't want to stitch around the appliques and I definitely didn't want to do raw edge - it's a pillow and the idea of unraveling stitches didn't appeal to me. I do like the look of raw edge, but not this time.  I used this tutorial and did Ok- a little bit ripply in a couple spots.  I learned to use the shorter pins on the ends instead of my favorite long ones.  I will be making this block again for my FTFYA quilt. 
I used some precuts that arrived in a ziploc from one of CA Mom's eBay excursions. There are 2 sizes:  6.5 inches and  close to 5 inches.  I don't know what the fabric line is.  I've used bits here and there - Lissys owl bag,  my beach house block etc.  They are fun prints! The orange swirly circles, are actually a Halloween print I bought to go with a cute Fox print but I will have to get more for that project.  :)
I hope to have the pillow ready to mail Monday as well as some other swap projects.
I have so many going on right now I'm having trouble keeping track so I made a wipe off project frame from an old picture frame.  I just used one that was in the closet but I need a larger one. 
My swaps:
Poofy pillows WIP
Getting to know you envelope WIP
#magicalforestmugrugswap- ideas forming
We Bee With it - not assigned yet
Placemat swap - not assigned yet
Tote bag swap - needs tweaking
Other WIPs
FTFYA quilt - 2 blocks started
Wild and wonderful - slowly but surely
Cozy Afternoon BOM - block 1 complete, block 2 this week
Christmas cozy afternoon - still thinking about it
Bruce's quilt - I had fabric and used it for another project
Snapshots - still collecting fabric
Disappearing hourglass - it's for me so going slow

Obviously I won't run out of things to sew!  But this morning's project is not sewing. I have Put on my plumbing hat. I am putting a new Rookiesnythuter in the toilet.  (the flusher contraption) and then I will be cleaning up the mess. 
Hope your Saturday is fabulous!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I *can* share this!

I am working on a major projects and really wanted to share with you, however,  it's a surprise and the recipient may or may not read my blog.  Phooey!  But I realized that I *can* share parts of the quilt because they aren't as revealing.  Other features of the quilt would scream "I'm making this for <insert recipient's name here>" 
I am writing about the rest of the blocks and will post them after the gifting is completed. 
The center block of this quilt is 16 inches  and when I sketched it out I had 12 blocks around it. But that made the 12 blocks rather small and most of them are applique - so I added a border around the center block and made the blocks 8.5. 
The first block is a fruit is the Spirit tree adapted from an embroidery I saw on Pinterest.  I used Stonehenge for the tree and scrappy greens for the leaves. Today I will be stitching everything and a friend is going to embroider the Fruits on the tree for me. 
I'm very happy with the way the pattern is coming together.  I am having fun making it.  Hopefully it looks as pretty in fabric as it does in my head!