Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Show and Tell

I just got a notice
 that I had new followers- and much to my chagrin I haven't posted in ForEVER! However, I have been sewing like a fiend ( how exactly do fiends sew? - They prolly don't have time in between being fiendish. ? ?)  So I decided to just do a quick show & tell today and save all the fun extras and whys and wherefores for later

 Get ready for picture overload!

Seatbelt pillows
Elijah's has a pocket for Dog Dog

Drawstring Backpacks

Splendid Sampler 2

 UFO from 2015  that is now gifted!
Professional Tote Bag (my version) 
Can you guess what profession :)

Garment Bag! 

 There you have it! Actually I know there are quite a few projects missing from this show, I will have to search out the pictures and possibly have the gifted photographed- I'll try to post all the fun stuff soon!
Have a great day-
 back to sewing- Sherman and I have 2 more pillows and one more bag to make this week!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Hello sun!

UFO in progress!
I'm in the midst of a 2012 UFO from April Mae Designs. Since it has been hovering around that long, I've managed to misplace most of the instructions and of course I need it finished by Monday.....  Thankfully, I had the main instructions and a picture of a finished project. I did tweak a few things- I've discovered that I can not draw a baby deer- so I've turned December's deer into a puppy. Miah has a pet so September's apple is now a turtle, October means Stronghold Castle around here but my Castle was not working so October's spider became a fox - because we see Foxen and friends at the Castle. I also added a birthday hat to  November's owl because it's Miah's birthday.
We will see how far I get before Monday- I believe I have everything needed to complete this ...