Saturday, March 29, 2014

A week til the wedding! Aaaack!

This week is full on wedding mode! I actually took vacation days so I can focus on wedding details this week. But first I have to get things ready for my assistant. Going on vacation is hard work. And whose brilliant idea was is to go on vacation the first week of the month? I am nuts!
The bridesmaids (the ones in town anyway) and I got together last night with the bride and worked on the wands for the wedding favors. Only 80 more to make! It was fun to gab and glue together! 
Today, in between resident activities, (we are building a kite today) I will be finishing bulletin boards, decorating for spring  and getting things ready for my assistant. She only works occasionally PRN for me so this week will be alot for her. I will also finish up the programs, I spy cards, and computer-y stuff for the wedding. 
But of course my bed is holding me captive-oh so comfy.... It's hard to escape when it's so cozy. :-) and now the kitty is cozy too.
I will post pictures of the wedding  decor as it progresses