Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Um Where did it go?

Last week I was at the library and was going to tweak some of my pictures in my last post.  When I post from my phone the pictures are the wrong size and all at the end and I don't like that.  However, I couldn't find my post.... So I looked at my blogger app.... 


And my post from September 20th is still saving.  And my post for FNSI failed to publish.  :(

This has happened before and I can't access the post at all,  not to delete, edit, or retry. Since this happens regularly, I try to copy to the clipboard before saving /publishing so I don't have to re type.  Alas, I did not remember and didn't even notice that it didn't work until days later. 

 Grrrr! I was rather distracted when I wrote because I got to stay the entire week with my kidlets and I remember thinking "I'll just post this real quick"  then had so much to write that it took the whole time and then the troops arrived home and fun and chaos ensued.  :)  We did have a great time and got alot accomplished for my sister.  Then I needed a week to recover - ;D  

 I won't try to fit all that I have been up to in one post.  Here's some highlights :
In August


Placemats still need quilted


**Placemat Swap
 *ABC's for Glory 



Received Fabric to test from Mary Fons!
No peeking til November!

*Vintage lovers Swap




My vintage lover's swap loot

What I sent

Sewing Lesson with Mommie
for Christmas stocking swap




*Pets on Quilts Show <<<<see my entry here

*Received my C5 envelope Swap !

*Won a prize from Hopeful Threads-
                    but haven't taken a picture yet


*Hatched butterflies!



 *THEN (insert dramatic music) I WENT CAMPING and caving and had a fabulous time, however - I was  behind on my swaps and procrastinating, I knew I'd have to hustle to get finished on time... And in the last cave I some how sprained my stupid wrist.  That was five weeks ago yesterday....  
frog kissin'

Maquoketa Caves is a great place to play






Barney Fife showed up and handed out citations




 *Depot Days craft show - just used what I had already made, didn't sell a thing but sure had fun ! 




*Started doodle challenge on instagram #dndchallenge
*Kings kids started

 *Made blocks for #webeewithit (ooh rotary cutter is not fun with sprained wrist) 
Bunting Blocks- I like these a lot!

Perfect Points!!! YAY

 *Won pattern bundle from Teresa over at A Quilt and a Prayer Woo Hoo!


 *Art class with kidlets 
AC's stripey stripes
Painting Stripes
3D lizards
Miah's Art Supplies Doodle
Elijah's Balloon Eye view





 *Worked on creating new goal card elective for King's Kids *Painted mailbox for Mark n Leah 

 *Missions trip to Davenport to help new church pass out invites *Camp Bobbalou - 4 kidlets and 1 Aunt 1 week =lots of fun 

Homemade pizza

Aunt Bobbie's Famous French Toast

Jiffy Pop Popcorn

Welcome home

Ikea Escalator Ride

Bubbles got a new hair do!

*Walk to end Alzheimers - clowning around



Reginald and I worked all afternoon
to get this one flower unstitched


 *Cozy Afternoon BOM sew along - won bundle of patterns from - didn't sew along just Un stitched a flower.   

 *Sunday was our Sunday School Picnic
Girls won!
*This week I am going to be sewing as much as I can to catch up on my very belated swaps 


 *My dear friends will also be visiting and having Dino-might Sunday this week 

 *Saturday is also the kidlets and my annual Trip to Stronghold Castle for the Olde English Faire.

Hope you have a great week!