Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pets on Quilts Show

Welcome to my second entry for the Pets on Quilts Show 2015
This is for the animal themed Cat-egory.  I had planned to use the Kitties in the Garden quilt as my entry, however I just have to show this instead. 
A few weeks ago  I posted the beginning of this project for the Vintage Lovers Swap on instagram.  My swap partner received her package yesterday so I can share the pictures. (I will share what I received in my awesome package later)  This is my Louis Wain inspired Cat tote.  It was incredibly fun to make.  The interior pockets are made from the same fabric used in the Kitties in the Garden quilt. I used part of a Stonehenge charm pack and dug into my scrap buckets to make the LW cat. 
Be sure to check out the other critters n quilts over at Lily Pads Quilting and leave some comment love- Snoodlz has a prize drawing for those who visit each entry and comment! 
Did you know? 
It is illegal to let your cat run loose in Denver Colorado unless it has a taillight. 
Fights between cats and dogs are prohibited in Barber, North Carolina
It is illegal for anyone to give lighted cigars to dogs, cats, or any other domesticated animals. in Zion, Illinois   
Riddle: Is it hard to spot a leopard? Answer: No, they come that way
Riddle: What animals are the best pets? Answer: Cats, because they are purr-fect!
Riddle: Where do cats go when they lose their tails? Answer: The retail shop 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hurray it's the 2015 Pets on Quilts Show

I have been waiting and watching for Lily Pads Quilts Pets on Quilts Show!  And it's finally here! I've been watching from the sidelines for a few years and decided that I was gonna be a part this year.  Now I just gotta remember where I put those pictures!  I apologize in advance - when posting from my phone the pictures sometimes do odd things.
Okay for the Cats on Quilts category - I give you - Earl "Stanley" Grey,  my official quilt tester.
He is posing on the Kitties in the Garden quilt that I made for a dear friend who would love to have a cat but travels alot so can not.   He also seems to know that the Cozy Afternoon BOM has his name on it and enjoys laying on the instructions. The Kitties the Garden could also go in the animal themed category because it has 4 different cat themed fabrics.  However I have another project for that category! Stay tuned!
Be sure to stop back at Lily Pads to see all the amazing quilts n critters! There are some amazing sponsors this year too. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Swap fun!

In Friday's post I shared what I sent to my Getting to Know You Envelope partner.  I added a few more goodies including a key chain from our church (which I just realized is *not* in the package - Duh! I will send it separately, Shelia) and an bookpage decoration that I decided at the last minute to make.  I made it from old hymnal pages  and now need to make a few more.
Shelia sent me a beautiful envelope featuring 30's fabrics. I love it!  She  shared some cashews, a gorgeous cross book mark, postcards and a new seam ripper (which is the best one I've used.  His name is Reginald and he is getting a work out for sure.)  She also sent Elvis fabric that I used to make a bag for my Landlady.  There are also some Wonder clips  (that I've been wanting to try!)
This morning there's a different kind of stitching going on at my house. "Munchie"  started sewing up his cocoon! It looks like free motion echo quilting!  
There will be some quilting  going on today too - I just haven't decided where to start. Maybe something off my list,  maybe the new Cozy Afternoon block (there's still time to sign up-this quilt is so fun and there's give aways going on too. Click the link to check it out)  or maybe miahs art bag....   I believe I will start with... more coffee!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday finishes

I feel like I've been working on some of these projects forever but I think that's because I started working on them and for some reason had to put them aside or they weren't coming together the way I planned. In reality they only took a few hours to make. 

#1 "Round n round n round the turntable goes" pillow - complete and shipped.  This was for the poofy pillow swap and I love the way it turned out (hopefully my swap buddy loves it too) I've never done the drunkards path block before but it's not as difficult as I imagined. It's amazing how one can get worked up and put things off because we think they will be too difficult, and then they turn out to be maybe not a piece of cake but not too bad.

#2 getting to know you envelope swap- Shelia and I both missed the original sign up and decided to swap on the side.  It is complete but not mailed yet.  I had a hard time deciding what to do with this one. The envelope was supposed to have something to do with where I live.  If you Google  "Illinois fabric" all that comes up is the sports or college stuff. I couldn't find Chicago fabric or Lincoln fabric - I know there has to be some out there, I just couldn't find it. So I decided to make an applique of our Depot - and it turned out great but now I loved it and it inspired a  whole 'nother idea,  plus it was the wrong size for the envelope.  That Depot block also 
inspired another idea and it was whilst doing research for *that* project that I discovered the Illinois block.  I broke into my carefully hoarded "Mama said Sew" charm pack - this project is supposed to represent me so I *had* to use my favorites.  I've filled the envelope with goodies - Jelly Belly jelly beans because we are close to Ronald Reagan's hometown , a postcard of the Depot (since I couldn't part with my applique) some camping fabric (we are surrounded by campgrounds) and some other extras.  
#3 Dragon pencil case - for my nephew was inspired by 
#4 the Pineapple bag which was inspired by Make it Love it's fish purse - that she is featuring today on her blog.  I turned the fish upside down and made pointy scales.
#5 Flower Power zipper pouch 

#6 "We be with it" Quasar blocks,  my first month in the bee  and I thought they might have to kick me out. (they still may) I had such a hard time getting these blocks right.  Thankfully I received a new seam ripper (Reginald)  from my envelope swap partner - he was initiated properly!  In spite of the difficulty I will be making more of these blocks... They are gorgeous! 

I know I have more finishes to share and if I can get a wiggle on it I may finish a few of the PhDs floating around here.
*Cozy afternoon block 3
*Tractor pencil case
*Art bag
*Lincoln way Inn quilt
*Fall Placemats, just to name a few
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Tea for two

Almost from the time my niece Abigail was born, we've been having tea.  My favorite pictures of her are when she was 2 and wearing Nana's hat, pouring tea from my tea pot (Aunt Bobbie staged alot of photos with the kidlets when they were small.)  Each year I try to have a tea party for her birthday,  sometimes with just the two of us, sometimes with family and other times we've sent out invitations to friends.
Last year she asked if she could have a tea party with one friend.... For some reason it never happened,  schedules conflicted and the such like.  So today we made it happen (only one year and a half later). 

     Abby's brothers and parents are in Iowa for Jr Bible Camp, so Abby spent the week at Nana Camp (the boys had Nana Camp in July while Abby was at Teen Camp)  part of Nana Camp includes a day with Aunt Bobbie.  We  had to split our day up, yesterday we painted pillows with Emma Bean and went to the playground.  This morning we had tea with  Christa. 
I took my coffee table (which is an old trunk) into the backyard and decorated the tree and clothesline  with fabric flowers and tulle.  I wrapped some pillows in fabric for the girls to sit on and brought a vintage suitcase &  books out.  I used bridesmaid's bouquets and loose flowers as well as fresh flowers from my garden. Hats and scarves were provided. 

Menu : Strawberry Cheese  Tarts with whipped cream,  Nutella Shortbread (Girl Scout cookies with Nutella) and Cinnamon Earl Grey  tea (*somebody* put the box of  the tea I had planned to serve- Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride - away empty and I only had Earl Grey and Cinnamon Stick left... The girls drank two pots full so they must have liked it)

I left the girls to themselves until after the second pot of tea,  it's rare that they see each other without crowds of siblings.  Christa brought a set of American Girl books and they played the game that was attached.  Then we read some poetry and Emma joined us. After Christa left Abby and Emma played dress up with the scarves. 
The weather today is perfect for being outdoors, it's hot but there's a beautiful breeze and the tree had fantastic shade until about 2pm.
Now it's time for Aunt Bobbie to go play in the sewing room!  Have a great day!