Tuesday, December 22, 2015


What a fun month it's been! December started out with the 25th Anniversary Celebration for our Pastor and his wife Carol.  We collected signatures from friends, family, missionaries and pastors for a quilt.  We told Pastor and Carol we were having a party but left out the details.  I  intercepted the order of service and replaced it with a special one - lots of special songs and a couple special guests.  After the service gifts were given and the quilt (which still needs quilted and bound)  was hanging on the wall in the gym.  It was fun to celebrate these two - they deserve so much more!
Then of course Christmas season is under way - because I was working on the quilt, I put off the making of presents... So I decided to paint my bathroom....( Hmm? That's logical right!?) I also managed to put up 12 Christmas trees this year!
Friday night my kidlets and I caroled (and it even snowed)  afterward was the church Christmas party. Saturday, I had a tea party.  Sunday afternoon my mom and Fredly came over for lunch, Sunday evening I had a revolving party-my house is very little ; so I had the kids come over in shifts. We had cookies, hot chocolate,  looked at Christmas trees and played a game.  One of the little guys asked where the rest of my house was.  :) 
Monday was Christmas at my sister's house.  Today I must sew - gifts for my church family - I'm making pretend tea bags and felt envelopes for the girls... and the boys... Well I don't know what I'm making the boys... They might get something from my store-bought stash.  I also need to finish a baby quilt and the gifts for the rest of the family! 
I've realized that I work better when doing 14 projects at a time! 
Hope this finds you having a Merry Christmas - I will endeavor to post project pictures soon!