Monday, September 30, 2013

Going thru withdrawl

Ugh! I was without my phone for 20 days! Amazingly I survived! I am so far behind reading blogs, writing blogs, checking email, and playing games. (such important details, right?) I learned that I *can* go for a wall and not talk to any one. In fact it's rather pleasant.and I can talk to my Heavenly Father much better when not interrupted by a text!
I haven't been sewing much in the last month since the creeping crud knocked me off my feet-it's still hanging on. I lost my voice 3 times for about 3 days at a time. It's rather interesting to work at a nursing home with no voice. It was like playing telephone, I'd whisper to one resident and have them translate. :-)  some things definitely got lost in translation. I did start a new quilt. My friend is a talented musician and her and her hubby play for a lot of Musicals. They have amassed a ton of t shirts from each play, so she asked me to make a quilt to hang in her music room, where she gives lessons.
I have the shirts cut and interfaced, but haven't decided the layout yet. She gave me some fat quarters to mix with the shirts, and I haven't figured out which way to go. That is on todays agenda. This quilt will be a fun one -i need to rent all the musicals on DVD whilst sewing, since the songs get stuck in my head.:-)
this is the stack of tshirt blocks cut and interfaced.

The wreath I made on Saturday with the residents. I am going to make a smaller version for me!