Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Travel Fun

Vacation Time!

My sister (Lou) and her crew have been on vacation this week! When they were in the planning stages, Lou mentioned that she thought a backpack would be easier to handle instead of a regular purse. My ears perked up and I, of course, said "No problem, I can make you a simple drawstring one." As I pondered the idea, I was afraid that  the drawstrings wouldn't be enough cushion for her, so I went to Pinterest and found convertible bags! These are super cool, however, not exactly what I wanted or had the supplies for. So I did a bit of pattern squishing and made a trial bag. the straps pull up so it can be either a backpack or a shoulder bag. Abby loved hers, but Lou requested a couple changes- such as a water bottle pocket and a tab for the inside pocket (which fit her phone perfectly - rather amazing since I didn't measure it at all.)
                             When I brought Abby's bag over to the house AC was teasing that he needed one too, so Aunt Bobbie decided  to oblige. I ended up making one for each of the boys. 
Lou texted me the first day and said
it works great
Then Lou mentioned that she could use a travel pillow as well. I found this  dog bone one on Pinterest - it was very simple to make. I stuffed it with fluff and poly pellets (that I picked up at a garage sale for 25 cents a bag.) 

Whilst looking for the dog bone pillow I came across these seatbelt pillows.  Their vacation is a Road Trip so each of the kidlets needed one! I used fabric on hand except for Miah's- but I had a coupon for 70 cent fat quarters at JoAnn's so I only spent $1.40 on it. I aslo made the two little boys snap coin purses from Sew Can She or as we call them "Grandpa coin purses"  but I seem to have forgotten to take pictures.

Well that was dumb!
I stitched the entire pillow
right side to wrong side
My seam Ripper got a work out

Elijah's pillow even has a "DogDog"pocket

I got a wee bit carried away with the travel sewing and made a toiletry bag for Lou- the one she had was given to her like 20 years ago and had seen better days. I used this tutorial which is not in English Thanks to Google translate I was able to figure it out. I used a Priority Mail Tyvek envelope for the
I also made a small zipper bag to match
top and bottom interfacing and the cover from a coloring book for the sides. I was able to scavenge the hardware and strap from the original bag. I should really record Lou's reactions- they are always the best, she makes gift giving fun!