Friday, January 20, 2012

Teacup- Where's the teacup?

I didn't even realize that yesterday was Thursday! All those who hopped over from Miss Spenser's looking for teacups were probably disappointed that I didn't have a teacup in my blog- I do apologize! and I was drinking tea when I made the goofy bag- does that count? For some really pretty Teacups you can check out Susan Branch's blog from Wednesday- and if you go back one entry the blog about girlfriends is great too ( the song on that one made me laugh out loud)
It is Snowing!!! and I get to go home early- I feel like a kid getting out of school early! When I worked at the nursing home we didn't get to leave early- hospitals and other health services are like that too- kinda necessary to have staff on site! but answering the phones is not so crucial a job so I get to leave! Woo Hoo- I am going to enjoy it! I have movies and sewing and baking and ooh all sorts of fun things to do!  

or I could just cuddle up with a good book, my main man Earl Stanley Grey
and a cuppa  Earl Grey tea

momma bag and baby bag.
 momma bag looks a bit squashed in this pic
 I did finish the mini bag last night! It is "like so lower gardens!" amazingly adorable- what is it about miniatures that makes us all goo-goo and giddy?
I should have put the tab on the end but I had a bit of trouble with the zipper and forgot about it- i may go back and put it in - I don't know yet.

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