Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am still here!

I am still here- I just haven't quite gotten adjusted to my new job and haven't been able to get my schedule clear enough to blog! I haven't forgotten about my giveaways and hope to draw the names this weekend. I am so far behind I haven't even been able to send out the last giveaways yet. I do apologize and feel awful that I am so lapse. I hope everyone will forgive me. PLEASE?
I am the Activity Director at a nursing home and we have so many fun things planned -it is mind boggling! I am trying to get my closets at work organized and am working on moving my office from one end of the building to the other. The new office does not have the two wonderful closets that were in the old one and now I am juggling it all. I am also my own assistant so I get to do all this in between the programs. but I am having fun! If I am not having fun I am not doing my job right! Someone just told me I was successful because I have a job that I love and would do without getting paid- I am on salary so all my OT is donated time.
We are planning an Imagination Vacation to London, holding our own Olympics, going to the town festival, entering a float in the parade, having a hootenanny n hoedown, we have a luau in the works and that's just a little of what is being planned.

I am glad that I already have my blocks done for THINK CHRISTMAS and I am trying to do the bowls for the Bowls with Borders Hop ( key word trying- I am a very beginner paperpiecer- VERY beginner)

OK I am done rambling! Have a great day and hopefully I will post again soon and get all those goodies mailed off! I do apologize again for the delays!

Bobbie ( who just ran into herself coming down the hall)


lori said...

very nice...............

WoolenSails said...

That is something that I have wanted to do, I do have nurse training and craft teaching experience. I saw a part time job in our local paper, but that was when I found out I have lyme, so working on that for now, but would like to work with the elderly again.


Joyce Carter said...

WOW! It sounds like you have a great time.If I ever need to go in a home, I hope I find one as great as the one you work in. Keep up the good work!