Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From this Snowman to That.....Penguin?

From This
This snowman used to be very cute, however, he needed a make over. His paint was faded and the googly eyes were dented. The grapevine was brittle. I took the dented eyes off and underneath were hand drawn eyes that made him look sinister. Poor guy!

 When I took him outside for a coat of spray paint, I noticed that his shape wasn't really Snow man like- it was more like a Penguin..... So, with my handy dandy paint brush in hand, I gave him a complete makeover!

to That

Now "Joy" is ready for the bazaar on Friday!


evelyn said...

How cute is that! Great makeover!

JoAnne said...

Wow! He was a cute snowman, but an excellent penguin! How clever.

lori said...

Joy turned out just too cute......nice.