Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monday sew along on Tuesday

Monday, I decided to look for something in the craft room, aka "i don't know where to put this, let's throw it in here room" and got side tracked.
"I can't clean my craft room because I get distracted by all the cool stuff I find"
One of the "cool finds “ was a zip lock baggie of HSTs. These are for one of my first quilt attempts. The quilt was  for my sister's first or second  Christmas after her wedding. She's been married for over 10 years now. I remember being so happy that the quilt to was going to be ready to wrap by Christmas. I knew the whole quilt wasn't going to be finished but the top was coming along nicely and then.... (insert dramatic music) if you look closely at the pictures you will see that these lovely half - square triangle squares are stitched wrong sides together. EVERY ONE OF THEM! I didn't even notice until I had cut 14 of the little boogers apart. My friends and I had a girls night that evening, watching a movie and they helped pick some of the offending squares apart but these were still waiting. For Christmas I gave Lou the book that had the pattern with one finished block inside and a note. And that was as far as this quilt ever got. 
I started picking the squares apart and have only a few left. Who knows? Maybe she will get a quilt for her anniversary this year! :-)

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JoAnne said...

Wow! I'm impressed that you still have these--I probably would have tossed them ages ago. Once you have them all ripped, you can start right in!