Monday, February 17, 2014

Mondays madness

With all the wedding planning going on around here, my house has been neglected. We have been shopping every Monday- I was hoping that we didn't have anywhere to go and wouldn't get tempted with another doing trip today. I need to do some house work. My Christmas tree is still up and I never even got out my Valentines day decor out. Did I mention that my tree is real? This tree hasn't lost a needle and it's been up for three months! Even whilst taking ornaments off it's not losing any! Amazing! So my day has consisted of dedecking the tree, spending time at the beach house (aka the laundry room)  and yup you guessed it-wedding stuff! I had planned to get the last of the invites in the mail today but! ... No mail for presidents day!  Today since it's snowing and blowing I am busy dreaming of a coral and silver spring wedding (we certainly got the white Christmas I was dreaming about) :-) 
Here is what I am working on.
I bought these roses (on clearance)for the centerpieces but once I got all of them in my cart, I didn't like them all together,

I've almost got it down to a science-
6 roses per centerpiece
All the flowers in a bucket-
So Springy
The finished project
with the hydrangeas and ribbon
so I added a little bit of fabric and some hydrangeas and I like them alot better. I got the idea from Pinterest and they are coming together so quickly and best of all the bride loves them! "It's Beginning to look like *spring* unless you look outside......."

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