Thursday, April 3, 2014

I love it when a plan comes together!

Pinterest Fail!
This is our Pinterest Fail Heart
You know, you look on Pinterest and doing all these great ideas and think "I could do that" but of course your building is different, your expertise is different and some times it just doesn't work. I have had a few "pinterest fails" like the photos from the balcony.

However, I am praising the LORD, that my plan for the lights in the gym worked! we did have a couple of issues, but God gave us grace and we figured it out.
One issue: we got all of the lights up and about to hang up my very cool hula hoop chandelier then I  realized that I didn't have any place to plug it in...big DUH moment! I had Lee check to see if any light tails were even close and there was one about 2 yards from the chandelier, we got an extension cord and.... Extension cords will NOT plug into a string of lights the lights can be plugged into the cord but not vice verse, :-(
oohkay now what?? Chandelier looks great, if you discount the fact that the lights don't work and the icicle lights look like a bunch of ugly wires hanging from the ceiling. What can plug into a string of lights? ...

Lee WAY up high!
Another string of lights! But all I have left are garland lights which are too heavy and two stands of 1/2 lighters (and the half that lights is on the wrong end)
Wait a minute-we have Christmas decorations some where in this church-we have to have lights- down to the store room and waaaaay back in the corner under the stairs wedged on the shelf is the box marked lights. Each one I checked was a1/2 lighter, except  the last one in the box. It was a 200 light string, incredibly long, so I bunched up the half we didn't need and tied them into 3 bundles and had Lee work them into the chandelier. Success!!
The lights at so pretty! I was so excited I was doing cart wheels and back flips (inside-if I tried real ones it would be disastrous!)
The lights look just as I hoped. I am so thankful for my helper! The gym ceiling is 24 feet up! He just climbed up and down the lift like a monkey in a tree!
The guys got all the tables and chairs (with the help of the little ones too) set up and now I get to do the center pieces. Its getting close! Yay!

The Lights are up!

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