Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday make over

Ooh blogger is being bratty today - Just lost half my post :-(  great and now it won't let me publish because two pix didn't load and it shuts off when I try to remove them. Grrr starting over - love cut n paste :-)

I decided a couple months ago that I wanted to redo my living room and bring in some aqua.  3 walls are dark paneled and one is faux stone. I rent so painting isn't in the mix.  It took me awhile to decide exactly what I wanted - I like my living room decor just want to update.  I decided a new rug would be just the thing - but way out of my budget and I couldn't find what I wanted any hoo.  To pinterest I go - aha! I can buy a cheap ugly rug and fix it with fabric!  Whilst wandering JoAnns looking for the binding for Emma bean's quilt, I found the perfect fabric for my rug! It has the c colors that are in my living room now and aqua - that means I don't have to change the whole thing at once!  And I love this fabric.  Now I have the jumping off point.  I don't have the rug yet but the fabric is on the floor (testing for cat hair adherence - and so far  it's not too bad.)
Anyway I finally decided on maps and book pages.  I have some old windows and intend to place a map behind one like this one I found on pinterest except mine will be sepia - I painted some picture frames and the window frame this morning - since I am writing this on my phone the pix will not be in order.  So far I haven't spent much on this redo - 1.87 for paint 15 for fabric and 3.99 for my map - which I found thanks to this post from 
Have a fabulous Monday - hopefully my back will let me sew  for a while so I can get Emma bean's quilt done - sew close and yet sew far...

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