Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday finishes

I feel like I've been working on some of these projects forever but I think that's because I started working on them and for some reason had to put them aside or they weren't coming together the way I planned. In reality they only took a few hours to make. 

#1 "Round n round n round the turntable goes" pillow - complete and shipped.  This was for the poofy pillow swap and I love the way it turned out (hopefully my swap buddy loves it too) I've never done the drunkards path block before but it's not as difficult as I imagined. It's amazing how one can get worked up and put things off because we think they will be too difficult, and then they turn out to be maybe not a piece of cake but not too bad.

#2 getting to know you envelope swap- Shelia and I both missed the original sign up and decided to swap on the side.  It is complete but not mailed yet.  I had a hard time deciding what to do with this one. The envelope was supposed to have something to do with where I live.  If you Google  "Illinois fabric" all that comes up is the sports or college stuff. I couldn't find Chicago fabric or Lincoln fabric - I know there has to be some out there, I just couldn't find it. So I decided to make an applique of our Depot - and it turned out great but now I loved it and it inspired a  whole 'nother idea,  plus it was the wrong size for the envelope.  That Depot block also 
inspired another idea and it was whilst doing research for *that* project that I discovered the Illinois block.  I broke into my carefully hoarded "Mama said Sew" charm pack - this project is supposed to represent me so I *had* to use my favorites.  I've filled the envelope with goodies - Jelly Belly jelly beans because we are close to Ronald Reagan's hometown , a postcard of the Depot (since I couldn't part with my applique) some camping fabric (we are surrounded by campgrounds) and some other extras.  
#3 Dragon pencil case - for my nephew was inspired by 
#4 the Pineapple bag which was inspired by Make it Love it's fish purse - that she is featuring today on her blog.  I turned the fish upside down and made pointy scales.
#5 Flower Power zipper pouch 

#6 "We be with it" Quasar blocks,  my first month in the bee  and I thought they might have to kick me out. (they still may) I had such a hard time getting these blocks right.  Thankfully I received a new seam ripper (Reginald)  from my envelope swap partner - he was initiated properly!  In spite of the difficulty I will be making more of these blocks... They are gorgeous! 

I know I have more finishes to share and if I can get a wiggle on it I may finish a few of the PhDs floating around here.
*Cozy afternoon block 3
*Tractor pencil case
*Art bag
*Lincoln way Inn quilt
*Fall Placemats, just to name a few
Have a great weekend!

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