Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I was challenged to come up with a word of the year for 2016. I  saw lots of words - I love words and have been known to take forever looking up a word in the dictionary because other words sidetrack me.  Pause reflect create discover learn.... I was struggling to find just the right one....  I finally decided on Progress - Mr Webster says it means : noun [Latin progressus, progedior; pro and gradior, to step or go. See Grade and Degree.]

1. A moving or going forward; a proceeding onward. A man makes a slow progress or a rapid progress on a journey; a ship makes slow progress against the tide. He watched the progress of the army on its march, or the progress of a star or comet.

2. A moving forward in growth; increase; as the progress of a plant or animal.

3. Advance in business of any kind; as the progress of a negotiation; the progress of arts.

4. Advance in knowledge; intellectual or moral improvement; proficiency. The student is commended for this progress in learning; the christian for his progress in virtue and piety.
V.  proceed; to continue onward in course.

2. To advance; to make improvement.
In so many areas I tend to get bogged down and stuck, UFO's pile up,  my list gets longer and I'm making zero progress.
Then I saw an article here and the word Finish just stayed with me.  So I decided to have two words this year. They go together - if I am making Progress , I will eventually Finish.  Mr Webster says : FIN'ISH, verb transitive [Latin finio, from finis, an end.]

1. To arrive at the end of, in performance; to complete; as, to finish a house; to finish a journey.

Thus the heavens and the earth were finished. Genesis 2:1.

2. To make perfect.

Episodes, taken separately, finish nothing.

3. To bring to an end; to end; to put an end to.

Seventy weeks are determined on thy people, and on thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and make an end of sins.

Daniel 9:24.

4. To perfect; to accomplish; to polish to the degree of excellence intended. In this sense it is frequently used in the participle of the perfect tense as an adjective. It is a finished performance. He is a finished scholar.
Patty over at Elm Street Quilts is hosting a linky party and we're supposed to make a quilt with our word on it. When I think of progress I think of the slow moving color bars on the Computer (they are like a watched pot and go so very slow when you're watching) and the first thing that came to mind for finish was a finish line. So abandoning progress on anything else yesterday, I made my mini quilt. And then spent waaay to long trying to find the picture of the girl in a dress that I wanted to use at my finish line - all the key words were too common: girl, lady, dress,  3d....I found lots of other cool projects but not the one I was looking for.  I've pinned, saved, posted it Somewhere.  So I made my own and *now* will find her everywhere.  Since I spent so much time searching, I didn't get a Finish,  but I did make Progress.  Later today I will add the picture of the Finish!

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