Thursday, February 9, 2012

Teacup Thursday Sorta...

 I was going to do a special Tea cup post for Valentine's Day... but I have discovered a very important thing about my camera. If you plan on taking many pictures, it is a good idea to charge the battery occasionally. And if you do not misplace the charger, it is easier to charge the battery . I have been looking for the charger all week, when I found it accidentally this morning I realized why I couldn't find it- I was looking for something MUCH bigger- this charger is tiny! I guess I had my AA charger in mind while I was searching and just passed this miniature version by! I will be purchasing a backup battery to have charged ahead so that I do not have this issue again. This battery is not one you can just run in and grab at the Disneyland, Sea World and Seaport Village gift shops - and if you could, it probably cost you your first born. I bought boring AA batteries at all those gift shops and They. Were. Not. Cheap!!  Anyhoo, the battery is charging as I type this and by this afternoon I will have a Tea Shop post and if you check back tomorrow, I will hopefully have a special Valentine's edition of Teacup Thursday- on Friday.

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