Friday, February 24, 2012

a closer look

Last friday I gave you a sneak peek of Abby's Birthday Gift. This Friday, not only do you get to see the whole thing, but I also have Miah's Christmas gift finished too!  I am so pleased at the way they turned out. Sometimes the idea in my head does not translate to the paper the way I envisioned it. but this time it did!
I am a big fan of Susan Branch- (her stickers are my favorites, & I just snagged some of her fabric) her blog is so much fun and her newsletter "Willard" always makes my day. So between Susan and the Treble Clef that I showed you here  I was inspired to make this-   


I did make the sun's rays a bit darker so they show up better

Have you read the book Oceans Apart by Karen Kingsbury? It is one of my all time favorites. In the book there is a little boy and his mom is a stewardess. Since she often has to leave him overnight, she sings a song that she made up just for him. Well, that song inspired me to have a special song for each of my kidlets that would remind them that their Aunt Bobbie loves them no matter what.  That is what I used for each of these pictures/sketches whatever they are. Lijey and Ace will also be getting their songs for Christmas. Lijey and Ace's will be a little more difficult in the drawing aspect because Ladybugs and Suns are easier to draw than Dinosaurs and Kangaroos.  You could use any song that is special and anyones name. The only difficult part was getting the song to fit right on the name- good thing Miah has two songs- even then I had to add a lengthy "from" message. Elijah has two songs as well, but they are both rather wordy and his name is short so I had his mama find out which one he liked best.
           Last Friday I was unable to finish Abby's because I didn't have a pink colored pencil. So on Saturday, I "kidletnapped" Miah and we Had to go to Hobby Lobby! We wandered the aisles for 3 hours! When Lou texted to see if we were on our way home, Miah said "yeah right- its just the two of us at Hobby Lobby and she thinks we are on our way home?!"  We had a ball and got some good sales on Valentine's Day and believe it or not -Christmas stuff!  


Diane Cardot said...

Those are adorable! I love Hobby Lobby sales for after holiday clearance! They are the best!

Cheryl said...

So sweet!!!!! Thanks for playing along with Christmas Through The Year this month.