Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tea cup thursday AND From this to that, that, that, that and that

Tea cup Thursday!


From This.....

We have a new holiday in our family!
Miah says we have to put it on the calendar!

to that ( Lou's)


and That (Abby's)

and THAT ( mine) isn't it pretty?

and That ( A.C.'s)

did I mention I really LOVE mine?

and That ( I G's)

to that (Mom's)

Earl Stanley Grey likes mine too


and That ( Miah's)

and that - even Samantha got a blanket!

Our dear wonderful talented California Mom decided that we could use some TLC- tender loving crochet- in our lives and she bestowed lots of love and hard work on the entire family! We had a Blanket Day party complete with Checkerboard Cake-

(the pan was another Bevy find) It was like Christmas and everyone's birthday all on the same day!
Thank you Bevy and her Helper Elf- Dad! We love you!!

Others Who Are Participating in Teacup Thursday! * Miss Spenser's*

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