Friday, August 3, 2012

over the moon

Wow! I feel like I've been accepted to the Olympic team! I am over the moon excited to have my block chosen as one of the featured blocks on Tuesday! I am still flabbergasted! I have sew enjoyed reading all the sweet comments. Welcome to all my  new followers too!  
At work we are moving my office from one end of the building to the other and on Tuesday they moved my computer-but it didn't get hooked up right so no Internet! EEK! I have also been without my cell phone since Friday! double eek! The phone in my office is also not hooked withdrawals! I have been getting off work so late that I couldn't get to the library either, last night I left work at 9:00pm! I finally got my phone back last night and they fixed the computer yesterday. I actually have the day off  due to working weekends and am at MySweetMommie's working on a "from this that" project- maybe even a tutorial. I was finally able to mail the very late traveling stash box this morning and get to go to a birthday party for I G tonight. My other giveaways will be mailed on Monday.
Stay tuned for the project we are working on!  I like it!

Dont forget to check out the Christmas blocks! I am trying to catch up while MySweetmommie stitches!
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lori said...

i like it........

Corrie said...

Such a great block for Christmas!

Just Carol said...

It's funny how it just clicks and then it becomes a lot more fun. Can't wait to see your bowls! :O)