Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If you are not having fun.....

Warning! Picture Heavy post!

I just discovered something that I think is great! I can type my post is Word and have my spell check on and change my fonts and do all the “normal stuff” I do when I type – and THEN copy it over to my post. This is great because, the internet connection is not always the greatest and I like playing with fonts and I am not thrilled with Blogger’s spell check and they don’t have grammar check. ( that was a lot of ANDs J) I also have a tendency to capitalized two letters in a word (holding down the shift too long) and Word fixes that for me. I am liking this!
Have you been following the Bowls with Borders?
if not, you should!

I was getting a wee bit worried about making my bowls- I was NOT having fun! I wasn’t doing something right. My motto is “if you are not having fun, you aren’t doing it right!” I ripped out so many stitches that I wore out the fabric 3 times. Sherman was complaining- "Didn't we just stitch this seam?" NOT FUN! It didn’t help that I thought my day was the 13th (because my day for RWB was the 13th and my day for Think Christmas was 31st) so I was kinda freaking out and thinkin’ “there is no way I will be ready.” I wanted to give up but admitting defeat does not come easy! Thanks to Regina’s help, Carol’s “I am not an expert” post,and the tutorial over at Madamme Samm's the light bulb finally turned on, I got my bowls done and I was having fun too!  I am not good at paper piecing yet but I can now say I am enjoying the learning process. I have a Craftsy class that CaMom sent me and I was so frustrated that I was just not looking forward to taking it- now I can’t wait! I have a few finishing touches I want to add to my bowls and I am excited to say, the plan I had in mind when I first saw these bowls is coming together and they will be ready for the 23rd- which is my day! Until then, visit these blogs for their bowls or you can visit Carol’s blog for the whole schedule.
 August 14th

Oh yeah! I said this was gonna be a picture heavy post- I think its a WORD heavy  post :)
Last weekend, My SweetMommie and I went to a quilt show during Franklin Grove’s Harvest Fest. We made Fredly come too- he was chief photographer and stuff carrier. We also took my friend Christa (who recently asked me to teach her to quilt. She is 8 years old.) Harvest Fest is also when the Chaplin Creek Historic Site is open, so we went there as well. These pictures were taken by Fredly and MySweetMommie- I will save the ones on my camera for another post!

I love the quilting on this! I may have a picture of the front
of it on my camera

I admire cross stitch amd embroidery-
It is not my favorite thing to do but it sure looks great

This one made me smile- the ants are carrying food all around the edges
I have a few other pictures of this one on my camera

There were quite a few vintage quilts and some reproductions too

Kettle Corn being made in a Kettle ( good place to make it)

Yum! Yum!

Pincushion in the Salt box house-
 I will have to look up the dates but I believe its from late 1800's


lori said...

love it

Just Carol said...

I'm so glad it finally clicked for you and that it became easier. I went throught the same thing. See you tomorrow! :O)