Monday, September 3, 2012

Seeing Spots!

  I am sew excited about the upcoming Dots on Dots Blog Hop! Earlier in the Summer, I won a FQB from the FQS and it had dots in it! Sew, after MUCH deliberation, I finally cut into it and I am having a blast with these blocks! I think it took me at least 3 hours of staring at, petting and blog hopping to decide what to do with this fabric! It only took an hour or so to actually make the blocks!
As you can see, Stanley is helping to hold my ruler down; you never know when one of these dots might bounce and get away!

I also realized that my quilt, that I just began for a kitty-loving friend…. has dots in it! I also keep finding more dots in my stash! Who knew I was so Dotty? (My BIL would say he has known for years!)  

( i am not sure why the graphic says the hop ends the 20th- it really does go til the 21st- we must have added a day) 

You can click here for the entire hop schedule- my day is the 21st   and the day before a special holiday that I will be telling you about on my hop day! (PS. I am an Activity Director at a Nursing Home and we A.D.’s have a holiday for just about EVERY day of the year)

Here is a sneak peek of my dots:

Have a great Labor Day! Oh Wow! I just looked back to see when i started this little blog and I have been blogging a year yesterday! :)

PS does anyone know how to make a gadget/button smaller? I added the Dots on Dots button to the side bar and it overlapped my post, so i had to take it off. Anny tips would be appreciated!

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