Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Checking in

After nearly four weeks of not feeling well, having zero energy and getting nothing done, I am catching up.
My poor Christmas tree may in fact be completely naked by the time I get it down, but it will be down before Valentine’s Day!

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I have not sat at my sewing machine ALL YEAR! It is terrible! Poor Sherman!  I did cut some fabric for a surprise for someone special, and did play around with the Mama Said Sew! and Nancy Drew charm packs that Santa (aka Me, Myself and I) got for my stocking but haven’t sewn a stitch. Whilst I was sick; I read a lot of blogs and wanted to get up and make something- but had not an ounce of energy to get up/ I made some fabric roses for a wreath but didn’t have enuf oomph to put it together-  I was just PITIFUL let me tell ya! I AM GLAD IT IS OVER! Now I have been playing catch up at work and home. I needed a kick to get started since the next hop I was signed up for isn’t until March and Thanks to Madam Samm and Jane- I got that kick!

 I made it just under the wire to sign up for Hugs and Kisses! I am sew very excited about this hop! I LOVE LOVE LOVE VALENTINE’S DAY! Almost more than Christmas! I had an inkling of an idea of what to do and then my SIL (sorta) and I went shopping and found lots of great sales (gotta LOVE 90% ribbon and stocking stuffers) and the Valentine’s stash enhancers were 30% off- not a great sale but I “needed” them. – and when buying just a ¼ of a yard- the price looks nicer J

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My hugs and Kisses project will have lots of X’s and O’s and a sweet story of a sweet little boy.
Stay Tuned!

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