Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I realized the other day that I *still* hadn't stitched a stitch all year! I seem to have lost my mojo- It may be buried in my disaster area office- I was informed last week that I had til the first to move my office into one half the size. (I am an activity director at a nursing home- that means lots LOTS of stuff) EEEK!!!  AND being the end of the month I also had to get the new activity calendar done, write the newsletter and make new bulletin boards and... and... and...  I took it as a challenge and managed to get moved a day ahead of schedule and get the calendar up on time. The newsletter is done (not mailed but done) and I made an adorable bulletin board- I feel a bit like wonder woman! Of course my cats are wondering if I still live at home and my poor house...- lets not go there okay? :) My new office is in a better location and has lots of shelves, just not deep shelves. I think I will like it.
The bulletin board was so easy that it really shouldn't rank high in accomplishments but it is so stinkin' cute (IMHO) it looks like it should be way at the top! All I did was take the wrapping paper off the background and add some book page hearts n lace. That's it.

It was so easy I had time to make myself a wee book page heart garland for my  new office. I am going curtain fabric shopping tonight. I am also going to make my filing cabinet pretty with fabric. I will post pictures soon.

I did get some sewing done for the Hugs and Kisses Hop coming soon- my day is the 14th! AND I can't show you what I made but until then I can show you something I made for the same little girl that one of my hugs and kisses projects is for. This was Emma's Christmas gift-I used an old picture frame and made her a hair bow frame. It has will have hooks on the bottom for ponytail holders and headbands. The Letters and little dresses are chipboard from my scrapbooking stash- I LOVE K&Company chipboxes!

I am off to shop! Have a great day!


Ranch Wife said...

I love your bulletin board - it looks like burlap and lace and that's one of my favorite combinations - very nice. And don't fret, the year is still young and sewing will take place. Cute idea to organize hair bows!

lori said...

very cute sweetie

lori said...

did it work ? my comment? mmmm

Diane Cardot said...

I love Emma's hair accessories holder. It will look adorable once its hung on the wall. :)