Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh My Sewing Machine My Sewing Machine- A friend indeed!

Sherman and I got a lot done this weekend. Of Course it wasn’t the stuff I should have been working on but …. I finished my project for the Covert Robin and I even put an inset zipper pocket in the tote! (applause)  and then I decided to start another little project for my swap partner- I hope that whomever has my name is enjoying this swap as much as I am! 

Last weekend Aunt Bobbie got to take Emma Bean out to Lunch for her birthday. Emma received a new kitchen from mommy and Daddy so I made her an apron and potholder. I believe she liked it!- She didn't take it off the whole time we were shopping and would have slept in it if mommy had allowed her.   Emma Bean’s Apron was a store bought one that I purchased many moons ago for a child that is way too tall for it now. I just added a pocket. I also made a potholder for Emily, whose birthday we celebrated this weekend.

 I took Emily's potholder in to work to show it off and left it on my desk. Being too lazy to go into work to get it, I made Emily a little bag and then I decided to make her an apron as well.

Emily's Apron is reversible

After arriving home from Emily’s party, I started making spring bags for the little girls in my nursery SS class. I made four. I think the Venti Mocha Java Chip Frappucino that Diane brought me may have had something to do with my crazy sewing spurt.

I still had the JDeere Fabric out from Emily’s apron, so Sunday afternoon I made three bags for the boys. The fabric was intended for pillows and I used the outside edges as the handles (the hardest part was pressing those things) and I pieced the leftovers to make the back for one of the bags.  I ran outta time, so I still need to make one more boy bag and one more little girl bag for Wednesday night. I also need to make a couple of bags for the “bigger girls” in my Kings Kids class.

I was really supposed to be making gifts for our Volunteer party at work- but the party isn't until April .....
Have a great day!

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lori said...

the pictures just do not do them justice they are sew cute in person...