Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quilt show

Just a few pictures from our first Quilt show. We had around 25 items to show- If we had had any more I would have had to go down the halls with them! We are already planning to expand the area for next year's show.

Our residents enjoyed hearing all the stories about the quilts and sharing some of their own as well.

I am sew excited! tomorrow starts the Nancy Drew HOP- makes me think of the Lindy Hop- Let's Dance! :) You can check out all the fun over at Carol's - She is our fabulous cheerleader for this hop! my day isn't until the 14th but you will see my footprints heading toward the clues!
some of my blocks adorned the nurses desk- three are from blog hops!


lori said...

yes the show was wonderful

Ranch Wife said...

What a great idea - I'll bet the residents had lots of storied to share. I LOVE visiting with older people - their lives are so fascinating. Are any of them quilters?