Saturday, April 6, 2013

Covert Robin = SO MUCH FUN!!!


I can finally show off my tote that I made for my swap partner, Mary of Mary Moon Designs. I used her logo to design her bag. My Photo

I did add eyes to the turtle after the pix were taken.

The tote was alot of fun to make! I FMQd a bit and am pleased with the final product.
backside of the quilting

                         I also made a little bag for cards- I should have put a closure on it but it was late Sunday when  I started and didn't have any velcro.

 I was late getting to the post office on Saturday and had to mail it on monday, but Mary received it on Wednesday so it didnt take very long!

I scheduled myself off work on Thursday and forgot that I had scheduled a breakfast outing Thursday morning. OOPS! I went in at 7:30 took the residents to breakfast and left work at 10:30am. When I arrived home there was a brown paper package in my mail box!  When I opened it- there was another brown paper package and it was tied up with string (truly one of my favorite things) Inside was a personalized canvas- made just for me! With my name on it even! (Growing up with a "boy's name" sometimes makes it difficult to find it spelled correctly) Thank you sew sew much Amanda- I love it! be sure to check out Amanda's Etsy shop - lotsa cool stuff over there!
isn't it Great?!

Thanks to all the coordinators of this swap! They did a fab job!


lori said...

love it

mary moon designs said...


Thanks so much I love
my turtle tote.

Elita en Suisse said...

Bobbie, those are lovely gifts you made for Mary! You do some very fine crafting and are a great inspiration to us all! Keep up the great work!