Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rolling out the red Carpet part 1

For this year's Volunteer Party we literally rolled out the red carpet for our volunteers! After months of planning, the party was deemed a great success. I was imagining that, at the most, we would have about 25 guests RSVP but we had 41 RSVP and about 50 in attendance! The day before the party I was feverishly sewing up extra gifts Just in Case!  Here's an over view- Each Volunteer received an handmade invitation and an announcement was in our newsletter.

The envelopes had stars punched in them too

the  real invitations had silver ribbon tied thru the top

We made a Walk of Fame with a star for each volunteer. Each seal on the star stood for what the volunteers do for us. A Cross for the churches and individuals that minister to our residents. A dog for those who bring in pets, a music note for the entertainers, a pie for the bakers, a heart for sharing love, a clock for giving time, a smiley face for bringing joy, a wrapped gift for donations of supplies, a stack of books for office helpers etc.
We had the volunteers autograph their star with a silver pen
We had to put our walk on the wall because of the wheelchair traffic.

The volunteers walked in on the red carpet and received a Swag Bag filled with candy and a "Star Volunteer" Notebook.  They also signed up to win the door prizes. The Paparazzi was there to take pictures as well. (Residents manned the cameras and the  gift table.)

For Stay tuned for more Hollywood fun when my computer decides to cooperate again!

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