Saturday, June 1, 2013

Newfo for may!

Miah's drawing- I asked for a parrot with the sun behind him
Last week I borrowed Miah and we went shopping. At every store Miah looked for a cover for his e-reader, to no avail. So Aunt Bobbie decided to make him one. I wanted something with parrots but couldn't find the right fabric. So I went with applique. Miah drew me a picture and I tried to copy it.
I tried to get it finished for the memorial day picnic but for got to add the sleeve to put the cardboard in to make it stiff. Oops!
I worked some more on the tie quilt and have decided that silk is a pain to sew!

I did most of this post from my phone! but I haven't figured out how to make the pictures smaller or caption them. I did the post while sitting at my desk so I could check it on the "real" Computer :)  


Tami C said...

So sweet of your to make this for your nephew! The striped binding really sets it off!

Barbara Stanbro said...

Oh my. Very nice. What a talented person you are! Thanks for linking up.

Sandy said...

How fun to make the cover from your nephew's drawing! What a special gift. You did a lovely job on it.