Monday, August 19, 2013

Tie quilt completed and gifted!

Even a migraine wasn't going to keep me from finishing the quilt yesterday! Late Saturday Eve,I discovered that my math must be wrong because I was 18 inches short when I attached the binding! I Even gave myself an extra 22 inches to start with,so I don't know what I did. Anyhoo, I decided to wait to finish due to the head ache that was beginning and the irksomeness of bad math. after I fixed the binding length Sunday afternoon, the binding was a breeze! I used the tutorial from Emily at mommysnaptime ( and I loved it! Binding used to be my least favorite part and side from my lack of math skills,I am not dreading the next one!
This quilt was made out of Dorothy's husband's ties, and two Susan Winget fabrics. The fabric helped tie the ties together. Dorothy was very surprised and couldn't wait to show her children. She kept saying,"so many memories"
Thanks Don and Pamela for spear heading this project and the challenge to try! It was alot of fun!