Friday, August 30, 2013

Beach Blanket Bingo

As a kick off to our  September "So Long  Summer" We held a Beach Blanket BINGO scavenger hunt  with the staff and residents. I scattered beach themed items around the facility- most things were in plain sight, but a couple were more challenging. I had the entire staff help residents (and the residents helping the staff) find them. The game is ongoing all day - so that 2nd & 3rd shift can play too. Thank You to Christine at Re-Creative Resources for the idea!
* I told the staff yesterday that it was beach day and it would be nice if the residents were dressed tropical. Some of the residents even became part of the game with what they were wearing.  I asked a few residents if they would wear a flower in their hair or on their hat. Because it is summer- some of the staff had tropical scrubs on as well and they also became part of the hunt!
*I wore my "beach skirt" - it has flip-flops, sailboats, bikinis, ice cream, umbrellas etc on it. I also put a flower in my hair.
*I have been hyping up this activity to the residents all week and explained it in detail to them yesterday. Repetition is key- that’s why they play commercials over and over again!
*I reminded staff this morning and told them there were prizes.
*I announced over the loudspeaker what was happening.
*In one living room I put on a CD that had songs like Surf City, Wipeout etc. In the other living room I put the movie Free Willy on- there is a killer whale on the Bingo Card :)  The history channel even had a show with sharks and other creatures and it was on in some of the residents rooms. Wasn't that nice of them to schedule it for me? :)
*Because I am excited, the residents got excited, and most of the staff got excited. There are always a couple party poopers- “I’m too busy working….” just ignore them. I started last year working with our staff to get them involved-  Whenever we have popcorn, smoothies or other treats- I make sure the staff gets a treat too.  I have special contests through out the year to go with the activities. Sometimes I will give out tickets for bringing residents to activities or when I catch them doing something nice. Later this month- I will be hiding flamingos around the facility for the staff to find- each time they find one they get a ticket. We draw for silly prizes- nothing expensive- sometimes its just a free pop- but the staff know that I appreciate them, so they do help me out when they can.  It is amazing what a little bit of appreciation can do!
*I handed out Bingo Cards to everyone- even if they were in their rooms and not “coming” to the activity. As they came out to lunch- they found items on the list- because most were in plain sight- and they got involved. I used “beachy” napkins that had some of the items on the list and put quite a few items in the dining room. I hid duplicates of a few items on either end of the building and if I didn't have the item I just printed a picture from the Publisher clip-art.
*Visitors and family members also got a Bingo card and were invited to play along.
*It was so much fun watching everyone searching for things- residents and staff were searching, laughing, and helping each other. I may have to do a different themed BINGO scavenger hunt in the near future....fall, Christmas, (hmm maybe with the kids) St Patrick's Day....there are a myriad of possibilities! 

If anyone wants to use our BINGO cards, I have a pdf of the BINGO card I made - I just haven't figured out how to post it here. Email me and I will send it to you!

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lori said...

SOUNDS LIKE YOU ALL HAD FUN FUN FUN but if you wasn't then you would not be doing your job right :o)