Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Twas the week before....

The fantabulous "twas the night before..." blog hop started today and there are sew many great ideas to try!  I have been crafting like mad here trying to get ready for my bazaar which is NEXT WEEK!!!! AAAAAARGH!!!!! My office has been transformed into Santa's Workshop and me and my elves (oh wait I am the only elf in here) have been gluing and painting and spraying and tearing and printing and "oh Stink"ing when I realize that the paper I need for this project is at home. Of course, at home this elf has been cutting and stitching and gluing and "oh Stink"ing because the fabric for that project is at work. I am having a lot of fun and have actually got a lot finished for the little time I have spent crafting. Not having a vehicle is really stinky this time of year- I am so grateful for friends who do give me a ride even though it takes ForEVER to get me out of Hobby Lobby! One of my littles at church has learned (from her Dad) to say "Miss Bobbie likes Hobby Lobby." It is the cutest thing -with her little girl voice, she says W for her L and has a lisp too. I should record it!

I have been doing a lot of "From this to That"ing - people donate their gently used items and I make them purty again.
Yesterday, with just a bit of glue, paper and my new friend Glitter Blast Spray,

  I changed this poor angel in need of some love to

THAT beautiful sparkling angel.  The music is Hark the Herald Angels sing. It took 4 copies of the song to cover him, but now he's ready for the angel choir again!

Be sure to check out all my friends on the hop-
This hop is so much fun- we all received a gift from the blogger before us on the list! My gift is just perfect and I love it but can't show you yet! my day is the 19th- lotsa hopping to do before then!

Tuesday, Nov. 11

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