Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hurrah for the Red White and Blue

Happy 4th of July! This song is stuck in my head - nothing like a good Sousa March to put you in a Patriotic mood. They should use them for the fireworks displays more!
We did our celebrating last night and tomorrow we will be picnicking for  my mom's birthday (which was yesterday)   Later this evening I will bake for the picnic (raspberry blueberry rhubarb pie). The meat for the shish ka bobs is marinating.  The rest of the day has been all mine!  I've been doing a bit of red white and blue sewing this week.  CA Mom sent me some lovely Windham American Basics charm packs and I'm putting them to good use! 
I made an extra Cozy Afternoon block - I love the way this block goes together!  There's still time to get your pattern over at - I believe the next block comes out on the 15th.  
I found an orphan block I made for the Red White and Blue hop a few years ago and used it to make a pocket on a tote bag.  I also made an owl bag.  I have lots of red white and blue fabric in my stash thanks to CA Mom!  She also sent  Bosal in r foam, which I've never used but I liked the end result. It was a bit tricky to figure out.  I'm sure there's someone with some tips and tricks for it-hopefully I find them before the next time I use it.  :)
Hope you are having a great holiday!

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Mary said...

Thanks for your picture of "In God We Trust. We used to be that Nation. May we keep praying to that end.
Love seeing you handiwork.