Monday, February 1, 2016

Aurifil Designer Block of the Month

Another finish! 
I was able to complete the block of the month!  I couldn't find the right blues for a traditional "blue and white"  since Heather calls her block Swirls and was thinking ocean waves,  I used ocean blues and greens - I've been collecting these since my trip to San Diego in 2011... I also found some white backing fabric in my stash!  I may be able to do the whole quilt without buying fabric - except possibly for the backing.  Yay!  (that's my pocketbook cheering,  not the fabric lover)
I simply love this block - in fact I wasn't going to participate in this BOM, but then I saw this block. 
It's a good thing I love this block too... I stitched the center all wrong and had to start it over, then I think I ripped out the new center at least 3x,  then I sewed the corner triangles the wrong direction, I had to trim the last round of white ... Yep it's a good thing I love this block - it almost wasn't a Finish!  But now it is and though it's not perfect, I am pleased with it! And I might just make another one! 
For more about this block,  the tutorial and an interview with block designer Heather Valentine click here!

Stay tuned for more progress and finishes

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Anonymous said...

That looks really good. I like the teal and white. I still haven't done it.