Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Beauty

It has been cooler the past couple weeks so I just had to start decorating for Fall on September first.  I usually don't start until about the 15th but I had the day off and it *felt* like fall! Then the next couple days were normal temperatures-but today there was actually frost on my car window! OOOkay- I love fall but this is a little too cool too soon! I am ready for hot cider, pumpkin pie ice cream, spicy smells and COLOR!
Although I play it occasionally, I really only have a piano so I can decorate it! It is my favorite place to decorate and makes such a nice focal point for the room! and tho' I have caught them up there a few times,  *most* of the time the cats sit on the piano bench not on top of the piano.  

A treasured Friend Warms the heart
It is Teacup Thursday- so if I may draw your attention to the tea cup on the piano- One of my favorites, but alas I didnt get a good close up- so if you will tune in tomorrow- we will have a tea cup Friday and I will tell you the story - with better pictures! For better teacup thursday pics hop on over to these blogs- *they are more on top of things!*
Other's Who Are Participating in
Teacup Thursday!

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