Friday, September 16, 2011

Teacup Thursday- a day late!

Well- I planned to go home and take pictures of my teacup-and remembered when I got to work this morning! So I decided to play with the not so great picture I had on the camera. I really love! It is addicting -so beware!                                                 
Doesnt the saucer look like it belongs to this cup?
I love mix and match!
This teacup has a story- every teacup does! Once upon a time, in a land far far away (iowa) there was a ladies retreat at CRBC and in the bookshop Mrs. Smith had teacups- I fell in love with this one. It says A Treasured Friend Warms the Heart - I thought it would be weird for me to buy myself a friendship cup so I refrained, (but I still wanted it.) The cup was still there in November when I went up to help with the Turkey Shoot, and again I refrained from buying it. (but I still wanted it.) It was still there during Teen Camp- but once again I refrained- but oooh I wanted that tea cup! Ladies Retreat rolled around again and the cup was still there! AND it was reduced because the saucer had been broken!!  I looked at it before chapel on Friday, I looked at it after chapel, I looked at it before split session on Saturday and I finally talked myself into buying it after split session on Saturday. I mean, who can resist 1/2 price? When I when to the bookstore to get my teacup- THE CUP HAD BEEN SOLD!!! I was heart broken- "how dare someone buy my teacup?" Then I said " it's alright, you really didnt need it, and it's ok" (sometimes I have to give pep talks to myself) and that was that. A few months later, I received a package for Christmas from my very dear friend  and it contained - My Teacup!  I agree with the sentiment- A Treasured Friend does warm the heart! Thanks Nelle!

doesnt this look like a latch hook rug? or a Monet?

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