Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day

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 I had planned to craft all day after work on Labor Day, but a much better offer came along! (I know, I know, what could be a better offer than crafting all day? )  Shopping and lunch with a friend-that's what! and THEN I came home to craft- stayed home and crafted for the length of a movie, was getting ready to start a new project and... went shopping again and out for ice cream! (with the same friend- to the same stores!)  The second time we brought her daughter along and she kept us entertained! She  kept the other customers entertained as well! Two and a half is such a fun age!

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  Anyway, whilst we were shopping (the first time) I finally remembered to get coffee filters so I could make up some angels- I love these angels: #1 They are simple to make. #2 they are made from stuff on hand. (except when I run out of coffee filters-can you believe I used them for - making coffee?)  #3 They are super cute. and #4 they are personalizable (is that really a word? it is now!) I love making gifts that can be personalized!

On Saturday I also made this wreath from two wire hangers and some upholstery fabric samples. Thank you to Rachel at ps i quilt for the tutorial! It only took one movie to make it so I believe I will be making more. Can't you just see a baby quilt with matching wreath.... hmmm?! 
 Have a glorious crafty day!

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Karin said...

Oh, Bobbie - your wreath is gorgeous! I love the rich colors and that upholstery fabric adds great texture! And I laughed when I read about making a wreath for a baby because I thought the same thing the other day. I think that would be such a cute gift for the baby's room. Your angels are very cute too - so clever!